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  • J U D A S
    J U D A S

    fuck I love this 👀❤️

  • J U D A S
    J U D A S


  • Roman Samofal
    Roman Samofal

    Kick's ass. Somebody dares to do this. [ remember him untill he's jailed]

  • Kylie

    my dad told me to listen to this because he listened to CORPSE and said he was a ripoff this guy

  • el anticristo
    el anticristo


  • el anticristo
    el anticristo

    juegas talking obama?

  • Misael Qc
    Misael Qc

    Soy de los que escuchaba la música desde hace bastantes años pero nunca haver visto el video hasta ahora. De locos.

  • grigoris eyaggelakopoulos
    grigoris eyaggelakopoulos

    I get the point of his lyrics but his video clips are just something I can't understand. He is the only artist who doesn't make me sad to think I can't understand him because I'm not as intelligent as he is

  • Manfomi Youri
    Manfomi Youri

    Satanic song

  • Bryan Robles
    Bryan Robles

    This song is art

  • Clément ElTchoupi
    Clément ElTchoupi

    *Jolyne playing basketball with FF*

  • youser ono
    youser ono

    Los que vienen del tiktok de la chica.

  • Brenda Thurston
    Brenda Thurston

    Marilyn your sweet dreams are a damn boring ancient fisad of your imagination!

  • Hector Jhon Burgos Proaño
    Hector Jhon Burgos Proaño

    Nada absolutamente nada : Me llamo Marilyn:/

  • cantopopulist

    Manson was a better actor here than Rose 😬

  • Luka Bobić
    Luka Bobić

    censoring marilyn manson makes as much sense as telling a thief swiper no swiping

  • B.Weird Gaming
    B.Weird Gaming


  • Muriah Farber
    Muriah Farber

    I grew up listing to Marilyn manson

  • Nurullah Örnek
    Nurullah Örnek

    Love Marilyn ❤️

  • Dalí Lop
    Dalí Lop

    Que pta acabo de ver , siento que mariliyn se está pudriendo en vida .

  • Lanky Dude
    Lanky Dude

    When you remember you sung this all the time when you were 9. . .

  • Psychotronics

    y ahora viene el idiota ( quemadon una biblia uy aoda ayase hay que comentar que el señor me curo el cancer , como.nadie se atreve a meterse con nosotros hablaemos asi usare muchas cuentas por que me gusta burlame sin saber que me estoy metiendo a la boca del lobo ... atte... No lo se tu dime 😂

  • Aimee Thomson
    Aimee Thomson

    I was listening this in the bath

  • Issam ragi
    Issam ragi

    THIS IS AWESOME 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼♥️

  • Brayan Rock N Roll
    Brayan Rock N Roll

    Marilyn manso es el padre de ghostemane

  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie

    1:37-2:04 Need more....

  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie

    *if it hurts baby please tell me, preserve the innocence* I knew he was innocent... 🤘🖤🖤🖤😂

  • BLJ memes
    BLJ memes

    slipknot: our masks are the scariest Marilyn Manson: need no mask just give me a camera

  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie


  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie

    This is fucking ridiculous.... Say10, (s)aint, Kill4me, Lunchbox.... lmao

  • Lybcho 543
    Lybcho 543


  • Phi iu Cun
    Phi iu Cun

    Mỗi t VN năm 2021

  • horisama sengu 13
    horisama sengu 13

    Alguien de Mexico que escuche estas cansiones

  • sharon poosson officiel
    sharon poosson officiel

  • sharon poosson officiel
    sharon poosson officiel

  • Maurice Mouton
    Maurice Mouton

    !!!Pedosataniste !!!

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones

    Just fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jessie Charles Manson
    Jessie Charles Manson


  • Bobby Love
    Bobby Love

    Massive criticism here

  • Shaquille Estampador
    Shaquille Estampador

    Very cool song...

  • Gamias Tou YouTube
    Gamias Tou YouTube

    2:31 Slenderman

  • Giorgio Barbero
    Giorgio Barbero

    The beautifull people, the beautifull singer!👍🏻🤘🏻🤟🏻🔥🔥🔥💪🏻😆😝🖤🎤



  • Roger Singh
    Roger Singh

    I have a song for you MM

  • Jamilla Torres
    Jamilla Torres

    I came from an Okavango Delta documentary intro

  • Laurentiu Gozu
    Laurentiu Gozu

    2021 \m/

  • AceLT

    Johnny Depp looks like he’s tryin to figure out where the rum has gone

  • JustRandomThings

    I was watching tiny tim/BTS vids and now this :|

  • Jesus Alberto Gonzalez Solarte
    Jesus Alberto Gonzalez Solarte

    Solo te estoy escuchando para vencer una situación solo adoro a Jesucristo

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul

    The God Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is coming very soon. Please repent, and prepare for the return of the King. Jesus Christ is abiut to rapture millions of Christians. Seek Jesus Christ before the doors of mercy close, those who are foolish will be left behind. They will have to die for their faith. The end is here, avoid the Covid-19 vaccine and all cost. Those who listen will be grateful with tears in eternity. I love and care for all of you. Seek Jesus Christ, this is the end. Now is the time to repent and prepare for the return of the King.

  • Ryan Incera
    Ryan Incera

    The 1st concert I ever went to was Manson during this tour. I kinda fucked up because other concerts seemed ho hum after seeing this for my 1st. I was a fan for like 3 years already. My brother bought me portrait of the American family when He went and saw them open for Danzig

  • Alexa Florina
    Alexa Florina

    11 years ago.. I feel old..

  • Andrea Wilkins
    Andrea Wilkins

    One thing that keeps me forward during the coup going on in my country🖤 Love from Myanmar🇲🇲

  • David Gaudencio Martínez Francisco
    David Gaudencio Martínez Francisco

    Están perros como hacen sus videos

  • Fran

    Que buena música, que Dios los bendiga 🥰

  • Yolanda Segura
    Yolanda Segura

    This video is 🔥.

  • Evan White
    Evan White

    As a paranormal investigator, I love this song. We're all going to be there one day ourselves

  • Vivian Chang
    Vivian Chang


  • Chris Banks
    Chris Banks

    I guess you all missed that he is an abusive POS? Just, ya know... not so good that what he has done can be overlooked. Erm... Nope. But, but, but.... NOPE. Can. Not. Be. Overlooked. FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT.


    No se como vine a parar aquí

  • Ahmad Tutt
    Ahmad Tutt

    WWE Invasion 2001

  • Amerianna Na
    Amerianna Na


  • luale20


  • Jessica Charnley
    Jessica Charnley

    "what's done in the dark will be brought to the light." so weird this was the last cover before the big drama, regardless i'll love you, Manson,and the impact you have had positively on my life always ...

  • Leonardo Wrobléski
    Leonardo Wrobléski

    I don't care how many years have passed, this will always be the new shit

  • Eteban lujan
    Eteban lujan

    Watching this on acid all drunk and stoned is a trip bruh but knowing about his recent affairs with the law, his music seems even darker. Like u know its not just for show. I guess its one of those things like spm where I like his music but I'm not gonna look either of them up on purpose if they play they play tho

  • alejandro zea
    alejandro zea

    Desde Ecuador 🇪🇨!!!! 🥰 🥰 🥰

  • Andrea Wilkins
    Andrea Wilkins

    And people actually think he's homophobic 😂

  • Barbara Jean Howard
    Barbara Jean Howard

    Depeche Mode did a much better version of this!!

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward

    Completely kicking many MANY asses with THIS one lol

  • Julia Dawn
    Julia Dawn

    Blair witch book of shadows movie intro song. Love it

  • mike tant
    mike tant

    This song gets me pumped still!! 5-14-2021! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Josiah Main
    Josiah Main

    Instead of Riding a Goat, he Rides a Pig…

  • Steve Young
    Steve Young

    You guys didn't love me so I'm here to say I made aliens. Think: 80, 30, 40, 90 Do you feel that? They're under a foot tall. That's what you get for not giving me a dollar.

  • Marilyn Delossantos
    Marilyn Delossantos


  • Hun Hooi Tung
    Hun Hooi Tung

    This is a Nightmare n aint sweet dream?

  • ですべエフ・ミュジャヒト


  • T B
    T B

  • bwhite429

    I think Marlyn Manson is just Jack White’s alter ego

  • mouhamad srouji
    mouhamad srouji

    this is the new WHAT ? 🤣