Marilyn Manson - Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand). (C) 2007 Interscope Records
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  • Aurius Star
    Aurius Star

    I miss u

  • Krysen Stott
    Krysen Stott

    This song and music video always reminds me of Valentine's Day the holiday ❤❤ lol

  • jemina Aguilar
    jemina Aguilar

    love him

  • Aly Alsarout
    Aly Alsarout

    well... she didn't cover up what you did with the dress if you know what I mean

  • Alicja Finster-Szczepanska
    Alicja Finster-Szczepanska

    That is clearly love song

  • Kayleigh Ann Dollins
    Kayleigh Ann Dollins

    always loved this song and brian (MM) justice will be served. sorry Evan, you couldn’t use him to get famous. only good movie was Thirteen and that shit flopped soooo you see my point

    • The Shy Exhibitionist
      The Shy Exhibitionist

      She was good in 'The Wrestler', but she's still a failed gold-digger.

  • Samreena Syed
    Samreena Syed

    This song is pretty terrible

  • So Phie
    So Phie

    Por qué ?

  • So Phie
    So Phie La otra india Taiana cannabis Por qué?

  • Rick Demention N-613
    Rick Demention N-613

    “kiss me it’ll Heal, but it Won’t Forget!”!🖤

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose


  • Max Miller
    Max Miller

    Marilyn Manson doesn't seem like an abuser...said no one ever.

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Evan Wood and Esme Bianco are LIARS. So are Ashley Walters, Ashley Morgan, Illma Gore, Annie Abrams, Sarah McNeilly, Chloe Black, Bianca Allaine, & Love Bailey. It's a SMEAR CAMPAIGN against Brian Warner.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      @molly s They all knew each other through Manson and were all abused by him? You would think that the first victim would've warned the others. Also, Esme's back photo is fake.

    • molly s
      molly s

      definitely not, i’ve been listening to manson since i was young and i’m not surprised. the women have photos of bruises and scars the stories and dates all tie together.

  • Lisa Kratz
    Lisa Kratz

    Kiss me it'll heal but it won't forget. With love from Russian pretty Mama's Randi n Lisa. Bless American Dreams!

    • Lisa Kratz
      Lisa Kratz

      Went 2 see his show.... Hey Brian!! *Waves. You need to not pout so much.

    • Lisa Kratz
      Lisa Kratz

      We're kinda drinking and stoned as f--kitty f__k f$

  • Isabela Amata
    Isabela Amata

    Oh well Here I am again ✨

  • Cris

    Que hermosa melodía, bendiciones.

  • MetalManiacMan1313

    This is the only video of Manson's that I regrettably have to give a thumbs down to. Not because it's a bad track you understand. Manson doesn't make those. But, because of a certain someone in the video with him. Sorry Manson. I'm sure you can relate.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      ERW is a liar


    She said “Kiss me it’ll heal, but it won’t forget” Whooooooooooopsie

  • Michael

    Evan tried using Bryan for fame and it clearly didn't work as I and most MM fans (past and present) haven't seen or heard of her in anything outside this music video.I saw the West World trailer before the accusations but it didn't interest me at all and if the reporter didn't mention that Evan was in it I wouldn't of even known she was.Just because someone chooses to be an actor/actress, that doesn't mean you'll automatically get world fame over night.It can take years and sometimes decades. Everybody ages in life and there's nothing they or Evan can do about it.Eat me,drink me first came out 14 years ago so why accuse him now instead of when they were creating the "heart shaped glasses" video.Most of the video was her idea too. In the UK you have up to 5 years to take someone to court (I heard on Judge Rinder).After that the courts dismiss your case because it would be classed as hearsay,or trying to use your case for personal gain. I've watched Rose McGowan in plenty of things over the years including Scream,Coma White,Charmed,Death Proof and I also read her book "Brave" because she was interesting to watch and learn about. But with Evan there's nothing special about her at all... and most of the THINGS she's been in people will of forgotten all about them within 30 seconds because TV and movies are shit now, and the way people watch TV now is different to what it was in 2007(most people now use streaming services,both legal and illegal) .If Evan has a shit income then she can either 1)change her lifestyle 2)find another job 3)work two jobs or 4)quit her complaining I've also got a ticket to see MM ex wife Dita Von Teese who I didn't know was still around until 3 year ago. I don't know anything about Evan Woods apart from the FACT that she's trying to kill MMs career because she's getting less camera time as she's gotten older, nobody knows who she is and there's literally fuck all Botox and makeup can do to change your age or life. The only reason Rose and Bryan split up was due to lifestyle differences.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      That's what people don't realize



  • Rocko Tron
    Rocko Tron

    No no no.. pero sí que molesta se ve con lo que está haciendo la muy insensata. Que la justicia la ponga en el lugar que merece: en ningún lugar igual que su carrera, que necesita de tu brillo mi querido Manson para que ella logre escribir algo de ella misma, y que bajo que sea mediante la vía de las mentiras y manipulación a otras personas.

  • Lucia Marzi
    Lucia Marzi

    Inspired by Lolita? It seems more like inspired by Carrie. Haha

  • Shelby Baca-Pena-Simoni
    Shelby Baca-Pena-Simoni

    Pay the girls for reperations of what you did. Repents but contracts after that

  • Santi Souto
    Santi Souto

    MM: together as one ... ERW: against all others ! now that is sad

  • 505 Wearethenobodies
    505 Wearethenobodies

    "VICTIM IS CHIC yyeah" #istandwithmanson

  • Seraphina Phoenix
    Seraphina Phoenix

    That’s st jimmy video ripped off this one with the Polaroid bullshit

  • Kaplya Nikotina
    Kaplya Nikotina

    Is there a way to sue Evan for bad influence on his music?That's called "taste abuse" I reckon

  • yamili azuaje
    yamili azuaje

    Me encanta

  • Rockin Chair
    Rockin Chair

    Xd no se cómo termine viendo un temaso de MM en la madrugada

  • Lucas Grande
    Lucas Grande

    Temazo Asesino!!!

  • Felicity McLaughlin
    Felicity McLaughlin

    Marilyn Manson is a good man he would never EVER ABUSE ANYONE EVAN IS LYING SHE JUST WANTS TO RUIN HIS CAREER 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'M ON MARILYN'S SIDE 😭😭😭😭 I HATE YOU EVAN RACHEL WOOD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Felicity McLaughlin
      Felicity McLaughlin

      @Let Me Think About It and you don't know that ON MANSON'S SIDE!!!!

    • Michael

      She's making all kinds of accusations because she isn't as popular as she thought she would be by going out with MM.Most past and present MM fans don't know her for shit outside this music video and probably doesn't care less about her either.She's making up all kinds of storys just so she can stay in the camera Spotlight.If she can KNOWINGLY have sex with MM in front of a camera for his music video "heart shaped glasses" then she clearly wasn't raped.I didn't even know Evan was still around because the music video "heart shaped glasses" was the last time I saw her in anything until the accusations came about.This album first came out 14 years ago so why accuse him of these things now,if she isn't lying.Shes accusing him just to try help her career get further and better but unfortunately for Evan, everybody ages and nothing can stop it.I heard the reporter say she's in West World but it never interested me from the moment I saw the trailer. There's also a possibility that MM might have told Evan to accuse him of these things because in the song "broken needle" at the end of it he says "I'll never ever play you again" which could mean he might want to retire as he's now 52 and his music went down hill after GAOG anyway.

    • 505 Wearethenobodies
      505 Wearethenobodies

      #JUSTICE 🤍🤍🤍

    • Let Me Think About It
      Let Me Think About It

      You don't know him, Felicity.

  • Engels Romero
    Engels Romero

    Cuantos recuerdos con esta rola... lml

  • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
    Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

    Evan Rachel Wood. I see her stressed out and complaining about Manson in Congress..... But I don't hear how she went to the police with her allegations. Why is THAT. Don't tell me that she thought Manson was so all-powerful that he had the LAPD in his pocket because that is ridiculous. As far as I know she never contacted the cops, she only set out to try and have him "cancelled". Thats BULLSHIT.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      @Living Dead Girl Exactly. You know who was really powerful? Jeff Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama...

    • Living Dead Girl
      Living Dead Girl

      Ikr if somebody can be scapegoated for school shootings then clearly they are not THAT powerful.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      Ikr? He's not THAT powerful.

  • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
    Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

    Criminal complaints should be dealt with by Law Enforcement and not the INTERNET.

    • Michael

      Law enforcement don't always get it right though.Loads of innocent people in the past had got the death sentence,which was why most countries got rid of it and just gave them life in prison.

  • bluebangs

    I dont give dislike to this m/v just because is Marilyn's song.

  • bluebangs

    He even made a m/v with her... If I were Marilyn I would delete this m/v for sure He's innocent until proven guilty so y'all people already hating him are so dumb...

    • mia

      have u even been through abuse ? what

  • Susan Aivatzidis
    Susan Aivatzidis

    Dr Suess, The Queen of England, Marilyn Manson. No one is safe from the fanatics of the “Church of Woke” and the new age of woke puritanism.🤡💩🤮

  • MichalSawyer

    Queen of Louisiana

  • Michael Ackley
    Michael Ackley

    Fuck E.R.W victim is chic

  • Michael Ackley
    Michael Ackley


  • Ninja Li
    Ninja Li

    You’re weak for making this about “somebody you used to know” sorry not sorry

  • Destiny

    So creepy to hear that bit at the end “together as one against all others.” Like that’s too much so many women say he pitted them against the world.

    • Destiny

      @Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER it’s an eternal victim practice. Columbine happened in 1999 and he wasn’t blamed for it people forgot about him after a year. This song was released when I would say he was at peak modern popularity in

    • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
      Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

      what's wrong with being "pitted against the world" if the "world" is "pitted" against you. Do you recalll how so many tried to blame Columbine on him? who was being "pitted" against then?

  • Eliz Jore
    Eliz Jore

    I interpret the title of the song that if you do not break my heart, I won't "destroy" the way you see me, you perceive me in allusion to the glasses.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      @Damani Franklin I don't think it's meant to be violent.

    • Damani Franklin
      Damani Franklin

      He’s talking about hitting her bro

  • Flaneur

    Don't break her heart-shaped glasses, or she will break your career.

  • Karina Lobo
    Karina Lobo


  • V Leaky
    V Leaky

    Comment section 25% talking about the allegations 25% talking about Dita Von Teese 25% WhO's LisTeNinG in ~whatever year~ 25% some gothic quote

  • Dj Carlos
    Dj Carlos

    And somehow then, she had nothing to do with Manson, she even played for the video and everything was ok? ... Pathetic ... As for the song itself, one of Manson's better ... And he will write something that I wrote before ... Hold on, dude there!

  • Shana Jennings
    Shana Jennings

    Guess it healed but didn't forget

  • 世紀末救世主

    I like him even more now that i know how chad he is with his bitches

  • Letthat Mango
    Letthat Mango

    pop music

  • Tania Haeussler
    Tania Haeussler

    I loathe Evan Rachel Wood!!!...

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      @mia go to bed kid

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott


    • Tania Haeussler
      Tania Haeussler

      @mia lol, I think not 😂

    • mia

      @Tania Haeusslerdoesnt matter how old i am. yet i still have better respondes.. tania x

    • Tania Haeussler
      Tania Haeussler

      @mia how old are you, like twelve?

  • transwomen are sexist men
    transwomen are sexist men

    His music is so boring. How is he this popular?

    • transwomen are sexist men
      transwomen are sexist men

      @Krysen Stott what is talking freak?a new language?

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      U really shouldn't be talking freak

    • mia


    • transwomen are sexist men
      transwomen are sexist men

      @Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER his first was okay when it came out, but everything since then is trash.

    • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
      Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

      if you think Mansons music is BORING then what do you think is not? and don't say Green Day

  • LewAshby

    Manson belongs in jail. Disgusting music, disgusting guy.

    • Michael

      @Krysen Stott preach

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      @Michael awesome bro Preach 🙌💯

    • Michael

      Grow up for fuck sake.He hasn't been the antichrist for over 20 years now.I also go to church on Sundays but it didn't turn me into Ned Flanders and it doesn't stop me listening to Marilyn Manson and it never will.

    • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
      Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

      yeah but his IQ is certainly well above yours .He's been tested at 148. I don't think these women are lying. He just has his own way of testing people. If they didn't want to be with him they should have simply walked out the DOOR. IT IS THAT SIMPLE

    • john doe
      john doe

      Right next to Trump, right ? You people are pathetic

  • Dark souls
    Dark souls


  • Abramovic Marko
    Abramovic Marko

    Still damn good. There is no midle with MM,you love him or hate him.

    • Dead Artist 88
      Dead Artist 88

      Idk I'm kinda in the middle.

  • Ani G.
    Ani G.

    Damn this used to be one of my favorite songs :( I can’t believe he’s really a pos

    • CrazyDuckGuy

      It's literally an allegation.. Why call him a POS if they literally JUST started an investigation? Women throw false allegations at these stars all the time so you need to be careful. I'm not on mansons side nor am I on wood's side, just let the legal process happen.

    • Felicity McLaughlin
      Felicity McLaughlin


    • Living Dead Girl
      Living Dead Girl

      Idk she called Kobe Bryant a rapist so I wouldn't believe everything that she says.

  • Monster Club Home Video
    Monster Club Home Video

    Looks like he’s forcing her to be in this video...

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      This was mostly Evan's idea

    • Celtic Bird
      Celtic Bird

      Yeah okay guy

    • Assassinwolf731

      @Monster Club Home Video No?

    • Monster Club Home Video
      Monster Club Home Video

      @Assassinwolf731 shes so oppressed right?

    • Assassinwolf731

      @Monster Club Home Video ?

  • shelby seely
    shelby seely

    Who wouldnt want manson to rip them around a bed with blood falling down on u? Anyone? Yum either way 😊

  • Amit Geambashu
    Amit Geambashu


  • Orcinus1967

    Oh yeah. He's gonna pay. She was in Practical Magic in 1998. Who groomed who?

  • Kat Majic
    Kat Majic

    Never heard a Manson song before but hearing this reminds me of The Killers - Where The White Boys Dance, the drumming and beat I guess.

  • müzik ruhun gıdasıdır abcde
    müzik ruhun gıdasıdır abcde

    Klip iğrenç

  • Nessa Phillips
    Nessa Phillips

    God this sh*t sucks. I really liked this song and video and now I am so confused.

    • Living Dead Girl
      Living Dead Girl

      Well the video was her idea.

  • Adam H.
    Adam H.

    Always loved this song!

  • 7


  • Jhonny Barrios Sandrea
    Jhonny Barrios Sandrea

    2007 Mom: I think that weird looking man is a very bad person Me: No mom he is a f***ing genius! 2021: Mom: I told you he was a bad person. Me: Yeah mom, you were alright all the time (My mom does not know nothing about the scandal, but I can hear her in my mind)

    • Living Dead Girl
      Living Dead Girl

      No Evan pursued him and now she regrets it.

    • Andy C
      Andy C

      haha yeah that's very accurate

  • Keefe D
    Keefe D

    A song is rather hear with a better title is heart shaped box

  • Barbara Gordon
    Barbara Gordon

    This song is amazing and always will be 🖤🔥 I also think that some people agreed to these things in the relationships or sex. I think it's not only one sided you know. I don't want to protect a side just seeing things from my perspective. In his biography he talks about his life and his darkness. Yes, he did messed up and crazy shit. It's all in the book but I just think blaming him for everything is not right.

  • Vicky BG
    Vicky BG

    Love this song 💞💖💞

  • As4tori Sun
    As4tori Sun

    Sorry but this is slimey shite of music.

    • As4tori Sun
      As4tori Sun

      @john doe lol exactly what I'd say to the fans

    • john doe
      john doe

      Then stop listening, cant be that hard

  • Susan Appleby
    Susan Appleby

    Still love this shit, what an amazing vid too.

  • Patricia Martin Aparicio
    Patricia Martin Aparicio

    Me debes 40e de tu concierto

  • Orochimaru

    Eres una perra Evan!!!! Viva el reverendo!!!🤘🖤🤘🇲🇽🤘🖤🤘

  • Monica

    Take this video down. Absolutely disgusting to keep it up after the allegations have surfaced.

    • joshua chad morris
      joshua chad morris

      @Monica he's no pedophile . 19 is legal my gf is 22 and I'm 36 sue me or I will break ur heart shaped glasses

    • Monica

      @Neon Demon You clearly have not looked into this enough and if you have, you're blind enough to think her "accusations" are "absolute clownery". Manson has an EXTENSIVE history of being an abusive and narcissistic person, not only to his romantic partners but to his male band mates and assistants as well. Dan Clearly, for example, has detailed a lot of horrible stuff. Manson's autobiography also has countless red flags where he describes very concerning thoughts and behaviors, especially toward women. I read it all. And if you really think that a 30 something year old man has any business dating someone who is fresh out of highschool, I'm not even going to bother with you because that is beyond gross. No SANE adult man at that stage in life looks at a person almost two decades younger than him and decides to pursue them. It is predatory and disgusting. If you even read what I wrote: I don't give a damn about the specifics of p*dophilia, just like the other person I argued with, you're one of those weird people who go "ACTUALLY it's ephebophilia, not p*dophilia" like that makes it any better. I have to laugh. I was in an abusive relationship with an older man who groomed me and I can whole heartedly say that men who go for women THAT much younger than them are GROSS and PREDATORY. Men who date barely legal 18 year old women are like people who pay their workers minimum wage - if they could legally go lower, they would. If you think Evan is the only person to speak up about Manson's lunatic behavior you'd be sorely mistaken, as her and countless other women AND men have come out with horror stories of their times dating Manson or working for him. I'm not some random "moralist" coming on here to blindly defend Evan. I was a MASSIVE fan of Manson for over 5 years of my life and I can confidently say that these allegations are not to be denied. He was hiding in plain sight the entire time. Your arguments are nothing but misinformed trash and you are a weirdo for even thinking that age gap is normal and ok. I used to think big age gaps were "fine", when I was younger and more naive... until I got out of that abusive relationship with a man nearly a decade older than me. Then reality hit me like a truck, and I realized how absolutely abnormal extensive age gaps really are. Pretty much 100% of the time, it's weird and shouldn't be happening. Legality does not equal morality and by your logic, a grown man dating a 13 year old in Mexico should be completely fine, seeing as that's the age of consent there. BDSM involves consent, it does not involve manipulation, r*pe, threats, control, and coercion. What happened to Evan cannot be considered 100% consensual by any means because of the power dynamics that were at play, as well as his extremely abusive behavior. And again, if you read what I said to the other person, or if you dig deeper into the entire case, you'd know what trauma bonding is and you'd know that it takes a long time for victims of abuse to escape their abusers grip and come to terms with what was happening to them. Victims might say "positive" things about their abuser or the things that they've done, but it's because of stockholm syndrome, the trauma bonding and brainwashing done to them. Once they escape the curse they are under they will obviously have a dramatic shift in their mindset about what happened to them and will no longer see it in a positive light. The same thing happened to me when I got out of that toxic and predatory relationship I was in - as soon as I realized what had actually happened to me, I saw my abuser in a totally different light. It was like the blinders were taken off my eyes and I couldn't believe I ever said or thought any positive thoughts about him or the relationship. If you've never been in this type of situation, you will never understand. Get a grip. I'm not furthering this conversation any more.

    • Neon Demon
      Neon Demon

      @Monica 1. I see nothing abnormal in the relationship between an adult man and an 18 y.o., and vice versa. If you call the connection with 15-18 y.o. pe-a, then you are an illiterate person. Pe-a - attraction to people of pre-pubertal age, and this age, even in protracted cases, ends at 14 y.o. 2. Evan's accusations against Manson are absolute clownery. They were together from 2006 to 2008, then at the end of 2009 they got back together. And after the final breakup, she spoke very warmly and well of him, until 2014. But already in 2018, for some reason, he suddenly became a monster for her. I believe her accusations against Manson are about 50% true. I have no doubt that they practiced BDSM, for example. And judging by the fact that they were together for a long time, she returned to him in 2009 and spoke well until 2014, B-M at that time completely suited her. But over time, she became interested in RadF and all that, and already began to look at B-M in a completely different way. And if later the experience of B-M ceased to please her, then I think that this is exclusively her problem. I don't see anything wrong with B-M if both partners agree to it. 3. I'm very glad that moralists like you are so annoyed by his work)) If this happens, then he achieved what he wanted, even if, perhaps, now his career will come to an end.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      @Monica Actually, 18 & 36 was normal back then. Back then, you got married as young as 16.

    • Monica

      @The Lisa Lair 36 and 18* is disgusting and predatory. No sane grown man has any business pursuing someone who is barely out of highschool. It's in the same lane as pedophilia. You're one of those weird people who go "oh ACTUALLY it's ephebophilia not pedophilia" like nobody gives a damn, it's still extremely creepy. And if you read what I said, the entire song and video are based off the movie "Lolita" which is about a 30-something year old man becoming obsessed with a 12 YEAR OLD. And what she said doesn't matter; she said that while she was still under his curse. She said that due to trauma bonding and other psychological issues. She obviously does not think the same after she realized she was being abused and taken advantage of. She wouldn't say the same today. Get a grip

  • Lemon

    I believe the many accusations. I think Manson targets younger women with his teen music and his vampire style frozen in time. He also presents himself as dark, disturbing and scary so it's harder to call him out on bad behavior since that's part of his style & image. He groomed us all because no one criticized him for dating an 18 year old at 37. Wood's testimony describes abuse that sounds psychopathic. I'm sorry for the women lured into this nightmare.

  • Erika Gravino
    Erika Gravino

    The lyrics are so obviously about unhealthy relationships. You can also tell he’s a twisted fellow by the video... really sad she had to go through this abuse with him

  • Freddy Reynaldo Rios Torrez
    Freddy Reynaldo Rios Torrez

    Me la pelas Evan Rachel Wood

  • Linzi Chenault
    Linzi Chenault

    Wow. The lyrics omg..........

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Can I still love this song and video, despite the allegations? I want heart-shaped sunglasses now because of it. And I want me and my BF to reenact some of the scenes.

    • pinhaserez

      You are under no obligation to gobble up nor respond as you are intended to, to hollywood allegations. Be a breath of fresh air, align with those not willing to be marianettes.

    • Elizabeth -
      Elizabeth -

      Go to a therapist.

    • Monster Club Home Video
      Monster Club Home Video

      Course you can. And you can allege your BF abused you and forced you to do it a decade later. Only in America 🇺🇸

  • Dezikat Otaku
    Dezikat Otaku

    Yes im still listening to Manson!😎

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    Könnt es ständig hören

  • Oleriia ツ
    Oleriia ツ


  • Oleriia ツ
    Oleriia ツ



    Director: "So, what would you like in the video". Rachel Wood: "I want real sex with blood rain pouring down." Manson: "YES!!"

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat

    Rachel Evan Wood hmm......So were you being manipulated here? Because it doesn't appear that way my darling little dear..

  • Christel Morvan
    Christel Morvan

    This is about when I stopped liking and listening to his music. Now it all makes sense why.

    • Christel Morvan
      Christel Morvan

      @Test Testtt no I mean I realize the reason why I stopped liking it : the lyrics are only talking about the violence and the relationship. Of course I thought it was just an act, but I really thought it became uninteresting, even unpleasant... and not only the lyrics, the music itself had become very boring and quite bad actually. It was just turning shit, just like his mind

    • Test Testtt
      Test Testtt

      real Nostradamus here

  • Satanic deviant files
    Satanic deviant files

    When I look at this music video, the music video reminds me of a real bad prom.

  • oss

    Wood and MM

  • Aly Gomes
    Aly Gomes

    Marilyn Manson is the ugliest man alive

  • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
    Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

    Still confused people? What goes thru the minds of women who attach themselves to Manson??? Lets start with the fact that he publicly states that he has an interest in SATANISM. Its no Secret. So what were they expecting from HIM? Love and Marriage? Baby in a Carriage? Little league coach? Its ABSURD. WAKE UP WOMEN. Stop blaming anyone else for YOUR poor decisions!

    • Enfermedad Mental
      Enfermedad Mental

      Eh por si acaso la tuya (?

    • Mariangela Distaso
      Mariangela Distaso

      Yeah, I'd say women shouldn't be attached to men who show an abusive behaviour in general. And it's not so hard to recognize them, but girls seem to be very attracted to those displays of "power". I just don't understand why they don't leave them but decide instead to stay with them for many could someone be so brainwashed?

    • Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER
      Barbara Pacheco-NAUGLER

      @Lonesomeshaddow I totally understand that. it wasn't meant as an insult or anything. Ive read the satanic bible myself and understand that adherents at least to that book,dont actually believe in god or the devil. But most people wouldn't be aware of that. My point is that if you get close to someone and they behave in a way you feel is degrading to you or whatever then you have to value yourself enough to say im gonna look for someone else. I also find it interesting that Rose McGowan and Dita had no complaints about him that match those of others, which tells me that if he's with a "strong" woman he recognizes that and would set a limit on himself with them, but it does seem that he preys on those mentally weaker whether its thru their youth or whatever else and pushes the boundaries with them. Im not saying its right. But if you can read the rolling stone interview with him from 2015 you'll see that he is fully aware that he has mental problems and its not like he seems to want to be cured! so all I gotta say is BUYER BEWARE.

    • Lonesomeshaddow

      Satanism and the church of satan teaches you to worship yourself, not the devil

  • Aldona Fajferek
    Aldona Fajferek

    Ojej biedna rachel. :( tak się musiała zmuszac do tej roli 🤣

  • Robert Mills
    Robert Mills

    I can’t believe folks are coming out to say that Manson turned out to be a freak in bed... I mean literally EVERYTHING about this dude is a f’ing red flag!

  • Althea Nox
    Althea Nox

    This is making me so sad .. All of us had this kind of toxic love once in our lifes. Its beutifull but it is destructive💔

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    Looks consensual to me :)

  • Fari N
    Fari N

    idk why, but i clearly remember i was sitting in the parking lot of a dairy queen eating ice cream when i first heard this song on the radio in 2007 lol



  • Omantra

    C'mon team let's make the man some money for those legal fees

  • Valiente Guerrero
    Valiente Guerrero

    Estas bailarinas de burdel también hoy en día lo acusaran de maltrato violaciones.

  • Cat Rei
    Cat Rei

    Evan to make this video was the best paid actress in history.She was money hungry and in a way she used manson to push her career.Manson surely is also a victim.His childhood was a mess.His mother sufferd from munchhausen syndrom..his father wanted him to shoot his own cousin...he was a young kid growing up with abuse too..manson needs all these damaged woman they been attracted to him

  • DaniBoy

    If you make a video like this with your boyfriend, how can you expect people take your abuse allegations seriously? She asked for it