Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies (Against All Gods Remix) (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing The Nobodies. (C) 2005 Interscope Records
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  • el anticristo
    el anticristo

    juegas talking obama?

  • Evan White
    Evan White

    As a paranormal investigator, I love this song. We're all going to be there one day ourselves

  • Souto Campos Jose
    Souto Campos Jose

    No dobt, this men have originity, criativity, (a legend over the times, keep inspiring us, plese, for you realization to.

  • lenny koss
    lenny koss


  • isabela López
    isabela López


  • Detshello Roger
    Detshello Roger

    Manson is Great artist

  • Holger Stock
    Holger Stock

    I miss the good old times, when Marilyn fucked the whole Music World with his genius stuff!

  • Медине Аметова
    Медине Аметова

    Соболезную Казани!

    • Elena Vorona
      Elena Vorona

      Мы ведь понимаем, о чем эта песня 🙏🏻

  • pan ziemniak
    pan ziemniak

    (*) Tatarstan

  • Hyvillen._. Geo
    Hyvillen._. Geo

    Passa anos, e essa música continua boa

  • Aaab bbba
    Aaab bbba

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  • lanie c
    lanie c

    dont be so hard on yourself...i want you......maybe

  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778

    Слышатся в песне папа...

  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778

    my little one I'm here, I'm with you !!!

  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778

    Я тут

  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778




  • gingaa 123
    gingaa 123

    In this one he looks like that one guy in atlantis from spongebob.

  • Ian Valmont
    Ian Valmont

    Maleficent took his fucking hat :D

  • Tarot's Tales
    Tarot's Tales


  • Lokuras de Alice
    Lokuras de Alice

    This song saved my life years ago. thank you for being yourself 🖤

  • Matt Rt
    Matt Rt

    Keep on going Bryan, dont let a lowlife put you down. Some people need to cry for attention.

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      So true Manson all the way. 💯💜🖤🤟🏼

  • Joséh Vidalos
    Joséh Vidalos

    Summary: *!

  • Hans Von Witzland
    Hans Von Witzland

    When we're dead, they'll know just who we are

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Today I'm dirty

  • Metal Monkey
    Metal Monkey

    I just realised that he looks like Lady Gaga (or visa versa), 1:17 Side profile with the dog!!! This is the song that got me into Manson

  • Lavígnia Teixeira
    Lavígnia Teixeira

    i love you, Manson!

  • Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
    Alexis Yoko [Alexander]

    This song describes the society perfectly! It deserves more views! Love you and support you, Manson! 🖤

  • BlueDolphins

    People said this was about Columbia

    • L R
      L R

      Columbine and I'm guessing at least A bit like the people caring about any of the victims or shooters after the ordeal

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      Columbine*, not Columbia

  • DeiViD


  • Lyvyw Anarchystus
    Lyvyw Anarchystus

    when i showed to my parents what ia am lisinging to they told me: leave me the fk alone whit your bs. i dont like it...😒😭😭😭

  • Aaron Reinhart
    Aaron Reinhart

    Favorite manson song ever

  • Sergey Chsherbakov
    Sergey Chsherbakov

    Мэрилин Мэнсон считал себя воплощением дьявола на Земле, монстром, высасывающим души из людей. Но после выступления в детском саду #3, оказалось, что он простой Бабай))

  • Evan Pirtle
    Evan Pirtle

    I miss this brilliant musician

  • Дмитрий Ди
    Дмитрий Ди




  • KA-920 Farias
    KA-920 Farias

    Eye - smashing pumpkins

  • Analucia Nascimento
    Analucia Nascimento

    So eu de brasileira

    • Natália Alves
      Natália Alves

      Mais uma aqui kk

  • kathe

    everybody for mike bravo and I'm here for the vampire diaries. Season 8 chapter 6. Damon, Sybil and seline


  • windu mutiara
    windu mutiara

    15 tahun yg lalu denger lagu ini anjir 😂😂

  • Vitor Campos Lino
    Vitor Campos Lino

    O Maior depois de Bowie!

  • Magaly

    I wrote Marilyn Manson on my wrist

  • Kitsudōte

    This time this song hit me really hard. After seeing the dog scene, I thought about one of our dogs that has been sick (liver and muscle weakness) for quite a while and who will most likely pass by in a few months. Thank you Manson, for reminding me to appreciate his life when he is still alive.

    • Matt Rt
      Matt Rt

      Keep your head up brother, losing a beloved dog is as worst as losing a human being. Times will get better, you just enjoy the good times he still has. Be there thill the last day by his side.

  • Simon-Pierre Drolet
    Simon-Pierre Drolet


  • YAIR bernal
    YAIR bernal

    Este Rock es genial

  • Hola 123
    Hola 123

    Está con madres 👌

  • thehouseofthescorpion N.f
    thehouseofthescorpion N.f

    my uncle had a doberman dog in the roof of the house named cujo :)

  • Jho85 D
    Jho85 D

    Это впечатляет! как давно не слушал))

  • David Martinez Eiroa
    David Martinez Eiroa

    El mejor video del planeta.....😍💪👍👏👏👏

  • KaSpEr369 1NeNiN3
    KaSpEr369 1NeNiN3

    If only these shooters today knew they could transfer there anger and hatred into something positive 🤘🥸🥺👿😈👹💀☠️👽

  • Mariana Oropeza
    Mariana Oropeza

    Oh yes !!☺️

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose


  • Chris La
    Chris La

    Everyone who is a sheep in 2021, so fitting.

  • ulekulek91

    grat music, even better video, love it, so dark

  • Anja Hansen
    Anja Hansen

    Love him more than my own husband 🤘

  • Douglas Wayne
    Douglas Wayne

    this is my favorite manson song! please sing it moar

  • Nathaniel Bables
    Nathaniel Bables

    What year was this made???

  • Раф Смайлов
    Раф Смайлов


  • Stephanie Murray
    Stephanie Murray

    Mans a genius!! Loves ya Manson🩸💯

  • Brad Petrick
    Brad Petrick

    2:41 what is he saying?

  • Marisol Vargas
    Marisol Vargas

    Que cansiosota


    Brasil ??

  • Cena Warrior Princess
    Cena Warrior Princess

    See I wished that I could see through👀 What was her #lies distortion🤥 That became her #MeToo extortion😭 Before she killed our loved Liked an abortion🤱👶⚰️ After I gone beyond & above And gave her more then a portion Of my loved Inspired by @marilynmanson's #nobodies & Sherri & Ben for @CLToronto

  • Almir silva
    Almir silva

    Pode não ter sentido, e talvez a letra da música não fale disso...mas essa música me lembra suicídio, e até mesmo querer isso. Ouvir esda música no seu último suspiro, nas gotas de sangue caindo, ou na última partícula de O2 no pulmão...

  • Earth Lunatics
    Earth Lunatics

    I can’t believe women are Me Tooing Marilyn Manson now. 😒 Where and when does it stop? No one actually respects anymore.

    • Coolman952

      Cancel culture, Sjws and Feminazis are outta control.

  • Гнилой Доходяга
    Гнилой Доходяга

    Какая же всё-таки офигенная песня. Мурашки до сих пор сколько бы раз не слушал.

    • Дмитрий Ждановский
      Дмитрий Ждановский

      Брат, братан, братишка 😁

  • Jenny jenny
    Jenny jenny

    This person is my therapist has helped me through my worst times and I can see beyond the veil and the lies I love you Marilyn Manson❤❤❤

  • Jenny jenny
    Jenny jenny

    #istandwithmanson #justiceformanson

  • Sasha Smith
    Sasha Smith

    This is my daughter's favorite song. Normalize allowing our children to listen to controversial legends 😍☠🖤

    • Souto Campos Jose
      Souto Campos Jose

      Not today, but i drink , 1 or 2 or 3 botles of whisky (mountly), excuse my inglish, not a big deal?, see you later.

    • the boss mon gars
      the boss mon gars

      @Souto Campos Jose Are you drunk ?

    • Souto Campos Jose
      Souto Campos Jose

      child or no child, people have the right to see what they like, i am so- rry that you child don't ear waht you like, and is to : (THE EVOLUTION), but maybe some day or year or decade or century, you andstand?, now i am tried to write, you child is you princess, not the princess of the word, sorry.

    • Sergio Pizzo
      Sergio Pizzo

      Grew up listening to MM and today I’m a fervent Catholic. Hopefully he would be proud of me by this time.

    • the boss mon gars
      the boss mon gars

      You're a good parents until she starts listening to Justin Bieber 😂

  • Esperanza Najera
    Esperanza Najera


  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    aduradhor dhu bitman

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    mircigão dhá ruskinha keimadha

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    utariu ittashi num kai ni çeu guinjutisu dimuniaku numca

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    utariu adurava hu kuringha

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    vimpiristha di miherda, udurava hu drrakulla utariu

  • XanderShiller
    XanderShiller childish yierning to prolong the night refuses to subside so I'll just extract some Nostalgia from my teenage angst. Wow, as great as this is..the teenage me didn't think there was anything better than this. Mental health? I meditate to Marilyn Manson..

  • Barry Daniels
    Barry Daniels


  • Rodrigo Rodrigo
    Rodrigo Rodrigo

    cada ves que estoy triste escucho algunos de tus temas y me lleno de energia y vitalidad, gracias por tanto manson

  • Mar D
    Mar D

    Still relevant 2021🤘 dok anga ma!

  • Braulio Safina
    Braulio Safina

    One of his best!!!

  • Kanan Lum
    Kanan Lum

    2021 ❤❤❤

  • Союз Мультфильм
    Союз Мультфильм

    Эпитетов не подобрать,вообще невьебенно

  • LA DK KD
    LA DK KD


  • Jared Jams
    Jared Jams

    Came here after the shooting

  • Mely uwu
    Mely uwu

    i love this songs life to rock wuuuuuuuuuuu

  • /\/\/\

    Mairlyn Manson: I'm your nightmare Rammstein: oh fuk?! 900iq meme

  • Raymond Rentap
    Raymond Rentap

    His face similar like valak in the nun...

  • Ivan Cruz
    Ivan Cruz

    Sin querer este Mike rinde tributo a este excepcional artista ,Mis respetos para ambos... Marylin Manson Forever!!...

  • Zahrina Duke
    Zahrina Duke

    He's not a artist, he's artisan

  • Tanna Kuhl
    Tanna Kuhl

    __-L ET_BAMBI_-_-_FREE _-___sSoolsp!!! YOU_Are _NOBODIE__WITHOUT__ME__*EVERBODYS_O_¿.. _SON__NX_,Kunst DARKLING_--!!!!!??!!!! ¡!!!! 999...

  • Dead Silence
    Dead Silence

    И угадайте, что происходит в моей голове каждый раз, после того как в очередной раз водитель окатит меня из лужи?

  • The Qween Lady
    The Qween Lady

    اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم اعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من شر ما خلق

  • fernanda Serrano Calizaya
    fernanda Serrano Calizaya

    la verdad que Mike Bravo lo hace igual!! @Mike1Bravo



  • Witch of feminine Power
    Witch of feminine Power


  • Witch of feminine Power
    Witch of feminine Power

    His music is my therapy my everything ❤❤❤🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Marc Twain
    Marc Twain

    “An artist who does not provoke becomes invisible. Art that does not elicit strong reactions has no value. " ―Marilyn Manson

  • cat valentine
    cat valentine

    Estoy aquí por la masacre de Columbine no se porque... 🤣

  • Tani A
    Tani A

    Bueno yo tb estoy aquí x Mike Bravo gracias a el conoci la música de Marilyn manson ahora soy fanática 😳🤗🤭