Marilyn Manson - Slo-Mo-Tion
Slo-Mo-Tion is the new single from Marilyn Manson, released on Cooking Vinyl.
Taken from the album 'Born Villain' - Purchase from iTunes
(P) & (C) 2012 Hell Etc. under exclusive license to Cooking Vinyl Ltd in association with Shamrock Solutions Ltd and Robinstone LLP
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  • 505 Wearethenobodies
    505 Wearethenobodies

    ART 💘💘💘✨

  • Nora Vargas
    Nora Vargas


  • trueromance

    Nirvana sounds

  • Witch of feminine Power
    Witch of feminine Power


  • Rednek

    My fav MM video

  • itz your antichrist princess
    itz your antichrist princess

    Just as he said TITS 😂😂😂 This offensive to the guitar community as hes playing quite werid 😂😂😂😂 stevie t should do a shredemtion

  • Leonid Sidorin
    Leonid Sidorin


  • Corinne Louise
    Corinne Louise

    Another one of my favorites. So so good.

  • carli

    The Best of the album"born villain" to me

  • Diomid Burlyaev
    Diomid Burlyaev


  • б Suarez
    б Suarez


  • Suicide King
    Suicide King


  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Imagine being the one who edited this.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      @Caleb Dolphin Nothing

    • Caleb Dolphin
      Caleb Dolphin

      What’s wrong with the editing?

    • RuskoKain

      Imagine being the one editing an episode of lame "Reality" show Big Brother

  • Rob Waite
    Rob Waite

    always #waitmadethebeat

  • Ravyn S
    Ravyn S

    Still got Brian in my veins. 🖤🤘

  • Lady Sunday
    Lady Sunday

    real life. every day.

  • cali6an

    We're going home Brian! hahahahahahahahaha

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  • 1984GAlex


  • fernando aragon
    fernando aragon

    Vamos M.Manson Forever💪!!!!!Saludos Desde Argentina

  • Adriana Gambina
    Adriana Gambina

    Love u mm

  • mhdi zrn
    mhdi zrn


  • Alessandro Alessandro
    Alessandro Alessandro

    Slomotion 💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • dea furlotti
    dea furlotti

    Im a child hi 😊

  • dima Damara
    dima Damara

    Is he really played the melody ?

  • Alberto Serna
    Alberto Serna

    Every single album and song are great.Every album is worth it.Your not a true fan till you listen to all of them.💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Catie Mock
    Catie Mock

    Even my sweatpants have tears in the bottoms from the miles I've walked through hell just to get to Christmas day of 2020.

  • W h a t e v e r r 0 0
    W h a t e v e r r 0 0

    I'm still here. Love this song 🥰🤘

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon

    Savory plagio

  • Angie ML
    Angie ML

    Oh my Satan, I love it so much!!

  • Michelle Bugarín
    Michelle Bugarín


  • MONOLIT 666
    MONOLIT 666

    Это охрененно!!!!!

  • Devin Sparkman
    Devin Sparkman

    Marilyn Manson is my favorite angel under the kingdom of God

  • Николай Ермольчев
    Николай Ермольчев

    Да-да, я про это и говорю- он уйдет, а проблемы останутся у нас

  • Justin Crew Sane's Country of a Better India
    Justin Crew Sane's Country of a Better India

    cut you up

  • Justin Crew Sane's Country of a Better India
    Justin Crew Sane's Country of a Better India

    gods gonna take you down

  • Henrique Ramos
    Henrique Ramos

    "Slo-Mo-Tion” [Verse 1] You've got your hell's teeth smiling at you It keeps your brain safe as it all eats at your face And don't worry, we'll blur it out And no one ever will know [Chorus] This is my beautiful show And everything is shot in slow motion This is my beautiful show And everything is shot in slow motion SLO-MO-TION [Verse 2] Pump in the laughter of dead-audience applause And teenage rape candidates, I think we got ourselves a real hit Don't we wish that we could feel something More than hate and morbid panic? Morbid panic Hate and morbid panic [Chorus] This is my beautiful show And everything is shot in slow motion This is my beautiful show And everything is shot in slow motion [Verse 3] And I'm the host with Vaseline I hide behind bulletproof glass And I can feel your tits with my new camera Equipped with a flash Fast-food-nude, I hate you all, but somehow You find me incredibly charming [Chorus] SLO-MO-TION SLO-MO-TION [Outro] This is my beautiful show And everything is shot in slow motion Produced by Marilyn Manson & Chris Vrenna Written by Marilyn Manson, Chris Vrenna, Jeordie White & Fred Sablan Album "Born Villain" (2012)

  • Henrique Ramos
    Henrique Ramos

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MARILYN MANSON I wonder how you can be horrible and wonderful at the same time? Is this due to magic or is it due to your great talent as a composer of one of the greatest Alternative Heavy Metal bands in the world? You are just fantastic, Marilyn Manson! I love all of your work within your Alternative Metal band! Fortunately, I'm very pleased to have in my home some of your most important albums, which at the time had a commercial success beyond expectations. So, I have the wonderful ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR (1996) four copies, the fantastic MECHANICAL ANIMALS (1998) three copies, the dark HOLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH) (2000) three copies, too. Recently, I bought the fantastic THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE (2003) only one copy, and I ordered two copies of BORN VILLAIN (2012), with great pleasure, and a lot of honor, too! And I ordered three copies of WE ARE CHAOS (2020) in CD digipak format. So, when the album officially goes out to physical and virtual stores on September 11th, I will receive Marilyn Manson's new record at my home. I look forward to hearing the new songs from this great music entertainment artist both in the US and around the world. Congratulations, Marilyn! You're a very special, wonderful and talented person! I consider myself your fan! Gladly, I'm your fan! 🖤💯‼️

  • lubley2 oficial fans de Manson
    lubley2 oficial fans de Manson


  • Ashley Renee Elmer
    Ashley Renee Elmer

    All night...

  • vanessa moran
    vanessa moran

    What nicolas cage movie is this?

  • Richard n Amber
    Richard n Amber

    Morbid panic is my fave though...😐

  • Richard n Amber
    Richard n Amber

    Why tha fuck can't I get enough of this song? Am I that drunk always or just helps teeth?

  • Sacralicious pupp
    Sacralicious pupp

    Can you just stop putting your hands in the frame I just want them on my neck cut it out 😂 love Manson rawrs

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    Marilyn mason. 😁

  • My Creations
    My Creations

    This is ma Beautiful show and every thing it shot Is Slo Mo Tion

  • pauloing1 pauloing1
    pauloing1 pauloing1

    Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly

    • evan bowie
      evan bowie

      my god, sounds the same

  • Devil_Satanica

    you should learn to go back to when you were at your BEST TIMES the old skool style manson days from 1996 on back!! antichrist was your best album, not anything after 1997 on to present-day just sucks total ass!!!

    • fucker mcfuckface
      fucker mcfuckface

      He matured, deal with it. Every artist experiments with their sound with time and that is where we the audience have to keep an open mind and abondon our expectations. So stop being a Daisy Berkowitz and adapt. If you don't like it then leave.

  • eun mar. k
    eun mar. k

    1:27 best part

  • Wiisian Skye
    Wiisian Skye

    This is definitely my favourite song off of this album, plus this music video looks amazing and he looks so goddamn good here.

  • Stjepan Poljak
    Stjepan Poljak

    Got Marilyn Manson in the title, offensive imagery warning... Perfect.

  • 安里

    He looks like a kid in this video 2:45 it’s... kinda cute seeing his thumbs 4:03 it’s also kinda cute seeing him tryna pose mid finger by folding rest of the fingers

  • Richard n Amber
    Richard n Amber


  • Никита Стрельников
    Никита Стрельников


  • Henrique’d Lima
    Henrique’d Lima

    Algum brasileiro escutando essa em 2020?

  • Lara Schreiyäck
    Lara Schreiyäck

    I love twiggy

  • TheNraveles

    Twiggy vibing is just the best ngl

  • Сандал Флори
    Сандал Флори

    Я как то тоже так оденусь и больше не переоденусь. Это не образ, а состояние души

  • 7w7

    1996: Beautiful People 2012: Beautiful Show Beautiful Manson 🖤

  • I love Marilyn Manson
    I love Marilyn Manson

    2020 anyone

  • I love Marilyn Manson
    I love Marilyn Manson

    A masterpiece 🤯

  • I love Marilyn Manson
    I love Marilyn Manson


  • I love Marilyn Manson
    I love Marilyn Manson



    Definitivamente mi Favorita

  • April B Sosa
    April B Sosa

    I thought this was a boring song on a so-so album but finally saw the video. The appearance of Twiggy makes up for all. Damn Jeordie and the feels.

  • Daniel Figueroa
    Daniel Figueroa


  • Lllet's Go
    Lllet's Go

    Вы тоже пришли от Данила?

  • Jiggy Gnorrus
    Jiggy Gnorrus


  • Chucky D .
    Chucky D .

    Hes tue only Artist that knows how it works

  • Chucky D .
    Chucky D .

    This is a manson song haha nice Job

  • Vilma Yordanova
    Vilma Yordanova

    I love you

  • CharlieTiVi

    We need this album to be available on Polish Spotify

  • Edward Teach
    Edward Teach

    Seeing Manson and Twiggy at the Diamond Ballroom with only 1000 people was one of the greatest 1hr+ of my life

  • moon lighter
    moon lighter

    I smiled when I seen jeordie.

  • DrRwWwWrRr

    I'm allowed to watch this, but I'm not allowed to watch the Bicycle Race (Queen) music video? Explain yourselves, BGfix.

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    And everything is shot in slow motion

  • Kali P
    Kali P

    Brain you right for the biggest shock at yr live? How can I rich you? You a very very great Artist!But please rest your soul!

  • Horse Protogen
    Horse Protogen

    I loove this song

  • GoodHeck

    а чё все на английском пишут?

  • Wait Made the Beat
    Wait Made the Beat


  • Lisa Carson
    Lisa Carson

    I miss you M ❤🙌

  • Kristen young
    Kristen young

    Do note that on lsd this would be slow motion

  • Michael Cable
    Michael Cable


  • The Hellscaper
    The Hellscaper

    It starts at 0:49

  • Sam Bbk
    Sam Bbk

    my best friend in the world used to call me 'shit eyes'. He said: because sometimes that's all you see.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Under 18? please...

  • After Time
    After Time

    56 sec that goes hard af

  • Dom Cisco
    Dom Cisco

    I am now forced to eat a Cliff bar

  • Lília Raquel Carvalho
    Lília Raquel Carvalho

    Best video to watch before your sleeping.

  • Dark Lord Xao Du
    Dark Lord Xao Du

    This song is a fucking masterpiece and THE iconic Manson track. It epitomizes everything we love about our favorite antichrist superstar

  • Miles Coverdale
    Miles Coverdale

    The way he holds the syringe in his mouth at the beginning, I feel like either he slammed some speed in the making of the video or the video represents drug use in some way

  • E Chicken
    E Chicken

    Marilyn will always be the most iconic person 👈👉🏽😎

  • deathlist94

    This is one of my favourite Manson albums !

  • Seawatersoul

    Just came here to say that i love and miss twiggy ♡

  • el alexis yt
    el alexis yt

    Que bonito

  • thiago LiMa
    thiago LiMa

    Que música perfeita

  • David Amoson
    David Amoson

    I just found this song.. wow I believe this is the best song I've ever heard...

  • Paco

    The Last Real Rockstar

  • Elisa Enti
    Elisa Enti

    I love you, Mr made a's the wrong band. ;) I will have no Cures anymore. You are all too oldy beautiful, what a mess Mr Warner, to be GUErontoPhilA. 3 is meglio che 1!

  • Agata Malecka
    Agata Malecka

    My favorite song of the day