Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing The Fight Song. (C) 2000 Nothing/Interscope Records
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  • We Are 138
    We Are 138

    My partners Dad just told me to go kill myself. So I put this on instead.

  • Andrea Wilkins
    Andrea Wilkins

    One thing that keeps me forward during the coup going on in my country🖤 Love from Myanmar🇲🇲

  • Ahmad Tutt
    Ahmad Tutt

    WWE Invasion 2001

  • Zephyr Satori
    Zephyr Satori

    This song speaks truth to this day. I reckon he's being villified in the media for truth talking

  • Jurgen2017

    One of his biggest head bangers; heavy, catchy and as blasphemous as they come.

  • lenny koss
    lenny koss


  • oscar marroquin
    oscar marroquin

    2021 present

  • Aubrey Crookshanks
    Aubrey Crookshanks

    Such a f---ing stage presence! Rock on Marilyn cuz "god" doesn't exist !!

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair


  • Ted Thoya
    Ted Thoya

    inVasion 2001

  • DarkTagMaster

    Why the fuck is the word “shit” cut out

    • NightFox

      Because this vid was censored by the FCC back in the day, for tv broadcast.

    • David Winter
      David Winter

      Because the sensitive masses dont like it, and if they dont like the music then the label dont get da MONEY

  • 船橋梨子

    this song makes me feel good😀

  • Eloy Cabrera
    Eloy Cabrera

    I love you

  • Misman Music
    Misman Music

    Ak veris ze nekomu narastla bosa noha deti si nemala

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi

    Greg Sanders from CSI brought me here!


    Soy el único q habla español?

  • Misman Music
    Misman Music

    In hood bro. Anaconds

  • Misman Music
    Misman Music

    Police death. Sergejbaracudacuda

  • Martin Rodrigo Encina Martinez
    Martin Rodrigo Encina Martinez

    the best song with fight. Thanks Marilyn Manson

  • Eli 23 Rogans
    Eli 23 Rogans

    This needs to be played on the radio and released on every digital platform and consider it as "jock jams" in today's world, the commercial af but also catchy enough to hype everyone up before going hard in the paint. Idc who you are, at least 1 jock jam was hype central but no one would admit it..

    • NightFox

      I wasn't a jock but there were definitely a few jock jams that were bangers!

  • Moppi

    He is a true genius A genius madman? Maybe, but still genius

  • Sankar Games
    Sankar Games

    2000 Marilyn Manson: death of one is a tragedy , death of a million is statistics People : is he crazy 2021 people : 🤯

  • jose luis
    jose luis

    Marilyn Manson you are my idol for life I love you

  • love

    this isn't a song....its a manifesto....Fight^^^^

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell

    That's Allgemeine SS officer's visor he's wearing.

  • tomas ladino
    tomas ladino

    El comentario en español que buscabas


    Brian, what have you done--?

  • Miguel salcedo salcedo
    Miguel salcedo salcedo


  • Kiara

    The first stanza of this song is brutally what a pandemic is.

  • Isabella Skifte
    Isabella Skifte

    I don't give a fuck what he has done - I will forever love his music 🖤🖤🖤

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Hell yea

  • brandon hardegree
    brandon hardegree

    You know who we are the ones making the most money compared to yur punk ass for the moment friends...

  • brandon hardegree
    brandon hardegree

    Lawton High School, LHS, WOLVERINES....

  • TheLimpbizpark

    okay this is definitely my fav song of all time

  • Bipolar-Polar-Bear- East
    Bipolar-Polar-Bear- East

    Teeeeeeeth Wayyyyyy!.

  • Krusty The Clown
    Krusty The Clown

    Awesome. Rock n' fucking roll.




    No Soy Esclavo De Un Dios Que No Existe.💀 I'm Not A Slave To A God That Doesn't Exist.💀

  • Shadow Veil
    Shadow Veil

    I have an autograph from every member of the band from the first time Marilyn Manson returned to Colorado after Columbine, and it is all mine, mine, mine ( wicked laugh )

    • jue 435
      jue 435

      Really? Wow really raw

  • MrWildschwein

    "Isolation is the oxygen mask" prophetic words...

    • Zephyr Satori
      Zephyr Satori

      I reckon this is why he's being villified in the media like Depp was

  • J Bo
    J Bo

    Saw this dude at ozzfest 98. Fucking badass live show. Curtain drops, 8 stark naked goth chicks dancing up front, rocked the fuck outta that crowd. Mm got a new fan that day. Was there for KORN

  • Robert Haala
    Robert Haala

    00? Nothing at All? I like those.

    • Robert Haala
      Robert Haala

      "How about You scream and shout and make some Noise and I will remain silently as long as I am not asked?" The Accuser

  • Hola 123
    Hola 123

    Cada vez que escucho tus canciones me alegran la vida ❤️

  • Dom Cisco
    Dom Cisco

    This is knowledge for power not muscle for muscle only worms would,.

  • Matteo Bianchi
    Matteo Bianchi

    Josè Flores what do you smoked baby ??

  • Alek sandra
    Alek sandra

    Man made up god.

  • elvis Obregón
    elvis Obregón

    Del HP lo mejor

  • Kitsudōte

    That time Manson almost looks like Andreas Bergh from Deathstars.

  • Nathaniel Bables
    Nathaniel Bables

    Is BGfix filtering his words?

    • Nathaniel Bables
      Nathaniel Bables

      @NightFox thiank you

    • NightFox

      No. This is the original video that aired on tv back in 2000. It was censored, as were all videos back then, by the FCC. I have no clue why the record labels don't have uncensored versions.

  • Peetre Jr
    Peetre Jr

    I love this song

    • Дмитрий Ждановский
      Дмитрий Ждановский

      Good taste, bro 😁

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    Forever Manson!!

    • marv hartigan
      marv hartigan


  • tom Ford
    tom Ford

    hey you can make napalm by mixing ether ; polystyrene , concentrated orange juice syrup , or soap ~ with guzzoline government does it all the time

    • tom Ford
      tom Ford

      ​ @NightFox nah manson and the goff's are fine #notathreat

    • NightFox

      @tom Ford actually it is said in a movie, and I'm guessing you're posting this here to make Manson fans look like terrorists.

    • tom Ford
      tom Ford

      @NightFox its not from a movie dude its from experience ! (why post it here? why not! )

    • NightFox

      What movie is that from? Regardless, why post it here?

  • Jackie hiner
    Jackie hiner


  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S.

    I'd like to see a remake of this music video for 2021, but instead... it's a regular football game on the White House lawn between a "red" and "blue" team, the band plays behind a presidential podium situated just above the lawn, and rioting spectators actually battle eachother beyond the fences and across the national mall.

  • GEO

    Top Tune,Top Artist...

  • Mark Shealy
    Mark Shealy

    SO BRILLIANT: what happened to the days when music enlightened us?

  • O O
    O O

    Romantik song

  • 505 Wearethenobodies
    505 Wearethenobodies


  • LittleBlackShape

    He's not a slave to a victim that doesn't exist.

    • LittleBlackShape

      @Mathias Martens No, it's not obvious. If you want to know more, go to Instagram and look through the posts by standbyyourmanson and mansonhashumanrightstoo (there are several more accounts defending him). Your second statement is incorrect; his former personal assistant Paula said in an interview, "I'll support him in any way that I can, whether he decides not to say anything, fight it, bring up a libel/slander suit." -> watch?v=-t-1wygFTWs&t=4096s

    • Mathias Martens
      Mathias Martens

      nobody that knew him doubts he did it

    • Mathias Martens
      Mathias Martens

      I mean it's pretty obvious he did those things

  • Mitrihades Amisoy
    Mitrihades Amisoy


  • Nadia Castro Leon
    Nadia Castro Leon

    Yes is Rock

  • M J88
    M J88

    I love hard dance music....but this song is banging!😎😎

  • Adrian Bradt
    Adrian Bradt

    Always to listen to. Reminding me of kicking the crap out of bigger guy's who were picking on my team members.

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    I'm not a Slave to a Virus that doesn't exist!

    • NightFox

      Glad to see not everyone is under mind control.

  • Eduardo Roman
    Eduardo Roman

    marilyn is great

  • Circuit Ben
    Circuit Ben

    Abusing women that you've tied up isn't a "fight" Brian, you massive bellend.

    • Circuit Ben
      Circuit Ben

      @NightFox Is that you Brian?

    • Circuit Ben
      Circuit Ben

      @NightFox it's great when people use sock puppet accounts to defend rape, almost as if it's a tacit admission of guilt.

    • Circuit Ben
      Circuit Ben

      @NightFox screeching "SJWs!!!!" and crying is really helping you look good, well done. Maybe you could use your fancy pointy headed ghost costume to dry your tears on.

    • NightFox

      @Circuit Ben why, because he's an actual abuser of women? You sjws are ridiculous.

    • Circuit Ben
      Circuit Ben

      @NightFox it's obvious why you're trying to deflect and doubly obvious why you chose that particular target. You stink.

  • Heikki J Hautanen
    Heikki J Hautanen

    Fight!!! Fight!!!!

  • Jank Man
    Jank Man

    What a badass hat.

  • Ruíizm Ruíizm
    Ruíizm Ruíizm


  • naomi J.
    naomi J.


  • Jakob


  • Lorry Stagg
    Lorry Stagg

    To the offened snowflakes this is the wrong place for you. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👊👊👊👊

  • Jj Kk
    Jj Kk

    Support Manson 👍

  • Shashi chamane
    Shashi chamane

    This song is my favourite since I've heard him so in the Concerto...Americano...

  • evaporate

    Fight for your rights people

  • Zahrina Duke
    Zahrina Duke

    This is like something my son would do. Only he's more offensive.

  • Dark Vador
    Dark Vador

    Fire 🔥🔥

  • spider H
    spider H

    I here Manson

  • Sir Rorschach
    Sir Rorschach

    Fuck yes

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music

    Its today

  • Luis Alfonso
    Luis Alfonso

    manson i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Luis Alfonso
    Luis Alfonso


  • yuridia parra
    yuridia parra

    I miss cool looking john 5 now mm switched him for a knockoff AND I STILL REMEMBER WHEN YOU KICKED JOHN 5

    • yuridia parra
      yuridia parra

      @NightFox John 5's look was kinda better

    • NightFox

      His current guitarist is actually great, he does movie soundtracks and also the title music for Californication.

  • Laurance Beriya
    Laurance Beriya

    Not gonna play A f-kin chord That doen't exist I'm gonna play An open string Cause I don't give a shiet E! E! E! E!

  • Maaz Hamid
    Maaz Hamid

    Coronavirus anthem

  • Alcides Prieto
    Alcides Prieto

    This is still sounds as good as when I listened to it as a teen.

  • Laughing Hyena
    Laughing Hyena

    2021... - So much good music - so many exposed abusers - *conflicted!!!*

  • 野村圭子

    I love Monson so much . B ut I 66. Fanny, I feel.

  • Vampiro Manya
    Vampiro Manya


  • Helie Sebastien
    Helie Sebastien

    Bof toujours chez nous Vancouver la bouffe odeur Les Mur....crevette

  • Helie Sebastien
    Helie Sebastien

    Je regards du code scripts alords que l on essYais de synchronised un Yamaha midi Sur PC.....acids...djiboujk. .tunesia....kabo.turkie....brr istambule

  • mikaaiil 82
    mikaaiil 82

    Pedarsag madar ghahbe jozami kos madaret kiram to kos nanat kos nane mamanet kharkose.

  • Jordan Mcallister
    Jordan Mcallister

    This is the solution on loud speaker to street preachers and pastors who are looking to corrupt and capture vulnerable souls

  • ClockworkCat93 CatsKill
    ClockworkCat93 CatsKill


  • J J
    J J

    Favourite MM song.

    • faeithy cole
      faeithy cole


  • jamie cunningham
    jamie cunningham

    Sex pistols ALL OVER THIS!!!!!!

  • Yves Rogne
    Yves Rogne

    2021 🤘

  • Pepe Pérez I
    Pepe Pérez I

    1:09 Damn, that goth cheerleader is been haunting me for 20 years ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • John Swain
    John Swain

    That Hulu ad makes me both not want to watch Hulu, and to stop watching "Schitt's Creek." When did it become OK for actors to be such utter sellouts? They used to have to go to Japan to sell themselves completely to advertisers. Edit: And now I see it's a censored video, along with being contaminated by commercials. Ugh - this is corporate-dominated hell right here, and if this is really Marilyn Manson's channel, add "sellout" to the list of other accusations, because he lets them edit his videos so he'll make more $$$. Greed is the real virus.

    • NightFox

      What's up with shitty Creek, err, I mean Schitts Creek?

  • Martin Leonel Santiago
    Martin Leonel Santiago

    No soy Esclavo de un dios que no existe !!!

    • Edo Andrés
      Edo Andrés

      Mi lema!