Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing Tourniquet. (C) 1999 Nothing/Interscope Records
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  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie

    1:37-2:04 Need more....

  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie

    *if it hurts baby please tell me, preserve the innocence* I knew he was innocent... 🤘🖤🖤🖤😂

  • LuccBuona

    Tem algum Br aqui em 2021?? Seis tem problema então, viu. Hahahahaha

  • Vilma Yordanova
    Vilma Yordanova


  • pio kuu
    pio kuu

    Theres nothing as hot as this

  • Ross Wyatt
    Ross Wyatt

    Las Vegas and California still room for you to kick some KY State Trooper ass.

  • glok1989

    idk but long hair Manson was the best version of him - his prime, at least for me.

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    I am your tourniquet

  • Nigredo

    I´m here...25 years later and I´m still love this song. This album change my life. I was a worm, not anymore. My mom bought me the album back in 1996 and I never be the same. love my mom

  • Borda Abigail
    Borda Abigail

    te amooo

  • Crystle morrow
    Crystle morrow

    Read his autobiography....he IS THE KING OF "Rock & Roll" I give zero fuhs what anyone has to say about that..timeless and 1 of a kind. After reading his book It came clear to me how much he mocks the people who love him and the sick things they love about him. At that time I was 14 or 35...will always be a fan

  • قق ات
    قق ات

    Knwo what i neber got scared of MM songs but the part when the thing start moving in the house without literally legs is creepy

  • Brady Leach
    Brady Leach

    possibly my favourite song of all time.

  • Shawnstradamus

    I like to imagine this is happening in the same building at the same time as tool’s Stinkfist and Schism videos.

  • Alan ibañez
    Alan ibañez

    Amo a manson es y siempre sera mucho para mi desde hace años

  • KON Phone
    KON Phone


  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson


  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson


  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson


  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson


  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson


  • Luciano Amorim
    Luciano Amorim

    2021/05 .

  • Diego Duran
    Diego Duran

    I'm scarred for life now

  • owl


  • Moppi

    It's sometimes hard to say if he's crazy, genius or crazy genius but I know one thing: You need to be crazy or genius yourself to understand this crazy genius

    • Crystle morrow
      Crystle morrow

      Read his autobiography...then you'll truly understand...tho it seems u already do:)

  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson


    • Michael Dickson
      Michael Dickson


    • Michael Dickson
      Michael Dickson


    • Michael Dickson
      Michael Dickson


  • emerson vestal
    emerson vestal

    This video still scares kids

  • yago Rengifo
    yago Rengifo


  • Lisa Myers
    Lisa Myers

    He makes People sleep with him because he’s scared , or doesn’t sleep at all , pretty sure he got the nun imagery from the devils movie

  • Zarookma demon slayer
    Zarookma demon slayer

    This guy is awesome weird but awesome💀💀💀

  • Sabine Schoon
    Sabine Schoon


  • Willow No.
    Willow No.


  • Christian Maita
    Christian Maita


  • be nice
    be nice

    In 1996, creative differences with Manson caused Putesky to leave the studio before Antichrist Superstar was completed. Manson had begun to work more with the other members of the band, and the dark environment of Antichrist Superstar's production led to Berkowitz being muscled out of the group. He is, however, credited for writing the music for four songs on the record, among them being the album's second single, "Tourniquet". Due to unpaid royalties, Berkowitz filed a $15 million lawsuit against Manson, which was later settled under confidential terms.[11]

  • NoHeart

    Mom: Lets All Watch A Scary Movie Tonight Honey You Can Put A Movie On Me: Ok (Turns on Marilyn Manson

  • Satish Thakur
    Satish Thakur

    Jeff hardy theme song 2003

  • Leona Mae
    Leona Mae

    I will always appreciate MM because he went against society and always pushed the message to be yourself and express yourself. He wanted people to think for themselves rather than follow others and have people push others around.

  • Lisa Arehart
    Lisa Arehart

    God this brings me back! Perfectly sums up the 90s

  • ꧁ Jenya March ꧂
    ꧁ Jenya March ꧂


  • Melascula Manson
    Melascula Manson

    "if it hurts baby please do tell" they did, he didn't listen.

  • Precious Moments
    Precious Moments

    The Serpents Temple🪐

  • XxxKilljoyxxX

    0% drugs 0% sex 50% beetles 50% horror 1000% talent

  • Aaab bbba
    Aaab bbba

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  • Dino Sanchez
    Dino Sanchez

    U know something is good when it has 6k dislikes. U gotta love the witch hunt!

  • Dino Sanchez
    Dino Sanchez

    Marilyn Manson is up there with Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, and Grateful Dead. I hold him up there in my top five favorites of all time.

  • Dietriaf Warnkson
    Dietriaf Warnkson

    Hey! I invite you to follow my channel based on my musical project. I was influenced by Marilyn Manson. I hope you like it! Thank You!

  • Lawrence The Main
    Lawrence The Main

    I never wanted it to spoil....... I shoulda used aluminum foil...

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis


  • Eduardo Marchena
    Eduardo Marchena

    Make your victim my head...

  • VRaptor_

    Everyone talks about the video, but the song itself is incredible as well.

    • Tyler Genke
      Tyler Genke

      Be careful 😁

    • Tyler Genke
      Tyler Genke

      I went a little dark when he got into my spirit with his music.

  • মামা ভাইগনা.
    মামা ভাইগনা.

    See man it's not butter life, its rabish life,nasty life,

  • Jory Nickila
    Jory Nickila

    Talk all the shit you want about Marilyn Manson but at the end of the day he is hands-down and arguably one of the most articulate and well-spoken musicians ever to Grace the stage not a single interviewer or Supreme Court could keep up with him. It's because of him people stop blaming the music and started blaming the parents like they should.

  • Nokia 5
    Nokia 5

    yo esuchando esto con mi tia la religiosa : 😈🤙

    • XxTheDark Gamer303xX
      XxTheDark Gamer303xX

      Pff jajajaj XD

  • Franco Costanzo
    Franco Costanzo

    This is so weak lol... trying to be hard when you’re pop as fuck is hilarious

  • agno64 64
    agno64 64

    Toute ma jeunesse 😘😊

  • Lucia Grela
    Lucia Grela

    Yo estoy cosiendo My cartera

  • Ross Wyatt
    Ross Wyatt

    Ya I can go to libery mutual

  • zane krienitz
    zane krienitz


  • Chuck B
    Chuck B

    This man has to be bisexual at least or something

  • Maya Licious
    Maya Licious

    That moment when you feel empty sad and you feel like nothing you’ve ever done has a meaning and you have no idea where to go, you feel completely alone in this world even if your surrounded with people but you know they don’t understand or they simply can’t today i am feeling like this in a room full of people and no one understands me this is my go to song makes me feel better about my self loathing in some way anyone else feels like this?

  • Yung uwu
    Yung uwu


  • little jay
    little jay


  • little jay
    little jay

    Thanks great somg

  • little jay
    little jay

    How the cow jump oval Tha moon............... €£¥₩******************₩¥£€$@

  • little jay
    little jay

    Not over that's a lie,,,,just to grandma's house

  • Tara

    If you were a preteen to teen, you will always remember the first time you saw and heard manson. Such a crazy Time around 95. The imagery he gave us was insane, it was so hard to figure out but So enamored by it, then to top it off the sound and the music. I was 12 when he came out and i was completely obsessed tan to hot topic to get my manson shirts.

    • Deedle The Dog
      Deedle The Dog

      90's boy here. The music and imagery was like a whole other world. Provided a nice escape during some tough times growing up.

  • Tara

    always one of my favorites by MAnson

  • Sergio Augusto
    Sergio Augusto

    This is the greatest song of MM and I am surprised to see only 36 M after seeing hundred of millions of views for the beautiful people and sweet dreams. This song and the video are the best work of this artist.

  • Алексей Кравченко
    Алексей Кравченко

    everything goes away, but u r my god, mr. Warner

  • Nicole Kress
    Nicole Kress


  • Timothy Crawford
    Timothy Crawford

    This will never get old. First time I heard was in 96. And I'll listen to it until I'm dead and gone. And I'm a Christian lol

  • Paul t
    Paul t

    This song perfectly captured a teens inner rage of growing up with shitty parents. 23 years later and still my favorite Manson song.

    • Gilberto Rael
      Gilberto Rael

      I'm Brazilian, and I would like to know what he writes on the wall ... Can anyone tell me, it can be in English, thanks ☺️

  • Alek sandra
    Alek sandra

    This songs represents very good how someone who’s been abused feels like, when you feel like you’re never good enough. I am your tourniquet.

  • Jonny Vos
    Jonny Vos

    I Farken love this song

  • Antidote For Savages
    Antidote For Savages

    This intro wins.

  • Matt Tucker
    Matt Tucker


  • Lucia-Darlene Kühnel
    Lucia-Darlene Kühnel

    Most artful song in history, thanks Manson.

  • Paulina Poznań
    Paulina Poznań

    This is my lowest point of vulnerability.

  • sofanova

    Now open the Gates Ov Hell

  • Քրիս Դ
    Քրիս Դ

    The God himself 🤘🏼

  • Ross Wyatt
    Ross Wyatt

    Don't try to put limits on me

  • ༒ɖศɭε ɭεσŋ ༒ ࿐єł xнυηxнσ ༒༆
    ༒ɖศɭε ɭεσŋ ༒ ࿐єł xнυηxнσ ༒༆

    Temazooo 2021🇨🇱🤘😎

  • Lebald James
    Lebald James

    This gives me nightmares as a catholic I can’t watch this and the music is terrible 👎👎👎👎👎👎

    • Paulina Poznań
      Paulina Poznań

      @Lebald James devil doesn't exist either 🤷🏻‍♀ I only love people, nature and myself

    • Lebald James
      Lebald James

      @Paulina Poznań your fault for loving the devil

    • Paulina Poznań
      Paulina Poznań

      Funny thing, as an ex-christian it is the bible that gives me nightmares.

    • FLUZL faz
      FLUZL faz

      So don't listen to it It's that simple

    • Meeka b
      Meeka b

      Yet, you clicked on it...



  • Bast Bachien
    Bast Bachien

    looks like depression

  • Ickey Sticky.
    Ickey Sticky.

    And like a Thief in the Night he was gone.

  • Carrie

    Is it possible dissociate a bad person from their talent? It's unfair that this disturbed and abuser person is talented. I hate the fact that I like this song. I want him to pay for his crimes.

    • Meeka b
      Meeka b

      There is no proof to the accusations. And if you paid attention, alot of stuff is coming out that is more showing marilyn as being innocent. Don't always believe everything you hear. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Adiadc

    Since I was a kid, I listen to Marilyn Manson when I feel the other me takes the control of self. What?

  • Гнилой Доходяга
    Гнилой Доходяга

    Мурашки по коже... Боже какой кайф

  • brayham oscco
    brayham oscco

    Me gusta esta musica buena cancion

  • Ryan Pope
    Ryan Pope

    I don't think he chose this

  • Julie V
    Julie V

    the song of my depression when i was 13

  • cassperhc

    These were the times that music was more awesome than the vids....

  • nourdin bz
    nourdin bz

    2030 ?! 😫❤️😂

  • ᴄᴀɴɴɪʙᴀʟs.

    I'm not kidding, my mother played this video for me when I was very little, good times.

  • Jenny jenny
    Jenny jenny

    #istandwithmarilymanson #justiceformanson

  • Jenny jenny
    Jenny jenny

    This guy is a genius respcet and love for you Brian ❤

  • 505 Wearethenobodies
    505 Wearethenobodies

    Another work of art.

  • V. L.
    V. L.

    This song hurts me a lot. It does to the bone but I can't pretend it doesn't exist.

  • Cindy Garcia
    Cindy Garcia

    I'll always be a Marilyn Manson fan, his music helped me out of some dark shit

    • Abilene Albuquerque
      Abilene Albuquerque

      @Tyler Gold 😂 There’s been evidence of his behavior for years his own band mates sued him for buying nazi stuff with their cash.

    • Tyler Gold
      Tyler Gold

      @Abilene Albuquerque innocent until proven guilty.

    • Abilene Albuquerque
      Abilene Albuquerque

      You still a fan 😂

    • popslilgrill

      Chris Steinruck much love to open minded individuals such as yourself

    • Chris Steinruck
      Chris Steinruck

      You went to Motel 6? Don't they "even leave the light on for you?" But myself and everyone you know/love are glad you're still alive and well rotating on this planet circling the sun. Life is what you make it and it could Always be worse. I go show you voucher from Hell. Life is too short for unnecessary 🐂💩. Be happy. Eat when/what you want. Be different. Normal is overrated.

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