Marilyn Manson - Man That You Fear
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing Man That You Fear. (C) 1999 Nothing/Interscope Records

  • Gil K
    Gil K


  • J U D A S
    J U D A S


  • Gaia Kendra
    Gaia Kendra

    Oigame señor Manson,que peña es esa? A donde se ha metido usted,quillo?por lo visto ahí en ese pueblo muere hasta el apuntaor!🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Sparks

    I'll always be a manson fan his music has been part of me life for 20 years and for the allegations dumb shits you can't get with someone like manson and be shocked bout what happens he's the god of shock

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    The world in my hands, there's no one left to hear you scream, no one left for you

  • Tiburcio Felix
    Tiburcio Felix

    You snd me my love Alive again with satan my love of my life I love you I, m johana

  • JayE Gamez
    JayE Gamez

    #freebrain my acorn is mine not yours lests eat yours first

  • JayE Gamez
    JayE Gamez

    Was manson offered to the fest of fests

  • Krysen Stott
    Krysen Stott

    The Black Parade lol 🖤🖤🖤💯🎸🤟🏼🥁 goth life 4 ever

  • Francisco Urra
    Francisco Urra

    Que vuelva zimzum a la banda

  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778


  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778




  • BJ Scorpio
    BJ Scorpio

    Twiggy looks like Skeletor.

  • C H
    C H

    I find The Lottery by Shirley Jackson to be a pretty painfully average story, but this is an extremely beautiful rendition of it.

  • James 007
    James 007

    Looks like that bitch yanked that corset too tight till the man passed out.... awesome song though! This album means a lot to me!!

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      🤣🤣🤣 lmfao

  • Daniel Castreje
    Daniel Castreje

    Excellent song!

  • Moppi

    I think if there will be another Death Note movie Marilyn should be an actor for a shinigami

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller

    THIS SONG RIGHT HERE! Man this hits hard on everything that going on with him. Every lyric fits perfectly. Keep your head up! Lots of people are on your side.

  • Travis Browning
    Travis Browning

    I remember watching this video at like 13 and 14 years old and my parents hating it,ironically they are the ones that introduced me to Marilyn manson and my older brother he's one of my all time favorite artists and btw I hate how they cut the music short in this video

  • Angela Shinner
    Angela Shinner

    Mr. Manson and Manson family, you are loved and you are standing in the right place in this case. 🥀You are not alone in any way. Keep fighting for the man that we don’t fear but the man who helped us through so much and was there to speak to us and speak up for us with his strong lyrics. 🖤 #IstandwithMarilynManson

  • exbronco 1980
    exbronco 1980

    Marilyn WAS the man many women feared. women like Evan Wood.

  • Ronen kolar
    Ronen kolar

    A nightmare come true , or Self-fulfilling prophecy ?

  • Hossein Rezaiee
    Hossein Rezaiee


  • Mass Override
    Mass Override

    A dream inside a dream seems all the more real the feels the steals stills burning water numbing thrumming coming to a boil they foil me not just one shot o how ye hath forgotten me here today gone tomorrow I’ll catch your tears of sorrow I follow him down the rabbit hole o how I know how far it goes go now into the NIGHTS AND RAGE FOR ME HAHAHA

  • Evolving The Darkness Tarot
    Evolving The Darkness Tarot

    "Well decived are man...the CATTLE OF GOD." GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE

  • Evolving The Darkness Tarot
    Evolving The Darkness Tarot

    I thought the creator loves us. Why would he destroy his creation??? Because THEY ARE LUKE WARM!!

  • Evolving The Darkness Tarot
    Evolving The Darkness Tarot

    Let he who is without sin throw the first stone....don't forget to hide your hand after.

  • ISABEL lc
    ISABEL lc

    Manson you are a genius 🖤🎶🎵🤘🔥

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music

    Born of fear go to war in life war of luv and hate

  • DrGarlandButcher GreenMuriettluver
    DrGarlandButcher GreenMuriettluver

    once pon time wa born devil brian warner man that hae fear hes virus mansonvid beutiful tragick hymn glory madness mansonism like knive ripped throa t daddy ed gain dr green love sick pervert patient manson sweat wormboy ahhaaa ahhaa devill lulabay my demons never sleep know mine too we all crazy alice virus madnes lwhat ever srange us make pervertxoxo

  • Decimo Azzano
    Decimo Azzano

    Best Song of ever

  • Jo Lawless
    Jo Lawless

    Love you Manson thank you for being there for me

  • Eirikr

    He made someone mad.. I don't believe what is being said.. Canton proud

  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS


  • A. J.
    A. J.

    My prayer today: "The boy that you loved is the man that you fear"

  • Eunice S. Jane
    Eunice S. Jane


  • Star Blanton
    Star Blanton


  • LL Bell
    LL Bell

    Just makeup

  • LL Bell
    LL Bell

    Fear 😨 as much as I'd fear a cute little bunny rabbit🐰😅

  • Genealogy_milena Milena
    Genealogy_milena Milena

    Хочу повторить этот образ в фотосессии

  • Louise Cockell
    Louise Cockell

    Despite the circus surrounding Manson rn I still have a lot of respect for him and his art. His music saved me at a time when nobody else gave a s*** Thankyou

  • Włodzimierz Ratajczak
    Włodzimierz Ratajczak

    M M polecam wideo

  • Games Broke
    Games Broke

    I want the full version I will pay max money for all his shit

  • Games Broke
    Games Broke

    First time watching since I heard in 97 ..... I'm again reborn

  • Antonia Solano
    Antonia Solano

    Beatifulli Marilin Manson todo un dios

  • Julie V
    Julie V

    intelligent song... touching.

  • Julie V
    Julie V

    1996-1997 ... the top of his carreer


      Especially when a major label says yes to your band's request of playing 175 Shows around the world. ❤️

  • Anna Ovsyannikova
    Anna Ovsyannikova

    UMG figures how everything is the best article in the most best magazine, Elle and Interview. When like you keep reading it. It is like that listening. Its the best of all kinds. Its these guys we have to hold on to and cherish. No means of what the radicals of secret true meanings. It's the best around.

  • Gabriela Mei
    Gabriela Mei

    He fell like a Polish activist Marta Lempart during a protest against abortion. Here we also have a pregnant woman.

  • radrcer

    Any clue where this was filmed?


      Or Death Valley, California no pun intended


      New Orleans or somewhere about

  • Living Dead Girl
    Living Dead Girl

    1:00 I'm sure him and Lindsay have been doing this a lot lately

  • Horehey Misia
    Horehey Misia

    This is bad music the only good songs I heard r covers

  • room0201

    Is it Chloe Sevigny having fun at 3:37?

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    utariu adurava hu kuringha

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    utariu ittashi num kai ni çeu guinjutisu dimuniaku numca

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    mircigão dhá ruskinha keimadha

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    aduradhor dhu bitman

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    vimpiristha di miherda, udurava hu drrakulla utariu

  • Nick Seeman
    Nick Seeman

    In a bowtie like a debauched angel youmeyou~sdr~stephaniedawnrobinson0=¤°¤

  • Rosita jm Singo
    Rosita jm Singo

    Soy is geleis la nazi mafreis como quisiera conoserte marlinyn manson quiero. Ser tu esposa mi manson mi viejeto hermoso te amo te amo marlinyn manson te amo con todo mi corazón mi manson mellamo vanessa gabriela llumipanta parra

  • Rosita jm Singo
    Rosita jm Singo

    Marlinyn manson mi viejeto hermoso tu eres mi unico amor megustas demesiedo mi hermoso viejeto bello te amo te amo te amo mi amor te amo con toda mi alma mi esposa marlinyn manson yo te amo con toda mi alma mi hermoso viejeto

  • Mark Wyman
    Mark Wyman

    I remember downloading a RealPlayer Video of this when it first came out

  • Zooey Escobar
    Zooey Escobar

    The song is so beautiful.

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington

    Am i the only one that sees Chris Motionless??? 0:50

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      Now we know where Chris got his look and style from 🖤💜🥁🎸🔥💯

  • Amimarie Tomaino
    Amimarie Tomaino

    And his whole band crumbles

  • Aurelie Laurent
    Aurelie Laurent


  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    I see the devil and automatically think ooooo, I know whom will appreciate. Prep school 101. Matthew 25:41

    • Dena Mitchell
      Dena Mitchell

      Hell-0 from the woman who breeds the passion of fear wherever God sends her.

  • Witch of feminine Power
    Witch of feminine Power

    Stop casting stones it is not your place I never believed this lies forever with Brian #Istandwithmarilynmanson ❤

    • Gray 12
      Gray 12


    • janis plavnieks
      janis plavnieks

      Yes! Me too! #istandwithmarilynmanson 🖤🖤🖤

  • {Princess Angel}
    {Princess Angel}

    #isupportmarilynmanson #justineformarilynmanson

    • Justyna Wojcicka
      Justyna Wojcicka


  • {Princess Angel}
    {Princess Angel}

    Beautiful angel😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • With Jesus
    With Jesus


  • Y1U9K7I6

    Get me

  • Serious Idiotsavant
    Serious Idiotsavant

    Forever a BOSS🖤🥀♠️

  • Brandy Huffman
    Brandy Huffman

    Great music years later

  • Missy Briggs
    Missy Briggs

    If you're making love too him then you know what you're dealing with.


    Meanwhile in Nightvale

  • Youssra Zina
    Youssra Zina


  • Rachel Relyea
    Rachel Relyea

    You know the allegations going on with Marilyn Manson there is women in these World in this world referred to as female dogs always remember we love Manson for his music and let the cops handle his bedroom good day

  • Ka Nicky
    Ka Nicky

    Anyone else familiar with the short story, "The Lottery"?

    • fucker mcfuckface
      fucker mcfuckface

      Yes, one of my favorite stories actually which is why I admire this video so much.

  • Kevin Hitzemann
    Kevin Hitzemann

    Ha... Orange red... predators

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin

    This is my life jam. Depression isn't a bitch but a demon you need to bitch slap till it sees the hand of realism. Ur strong

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      I agree bro lol

  • Charles Manson
    Charles Manson

    That chick is making claims that hes a monster bitch please

  • orangeblueandlavenda

    I just wanna hang out at the hospital

  • みさたゃ


  • kayla curtis
    kayla curtis

    This song has always been a fav of mine and its really helpin me now I honestly can't think Of anyone else's music that makes it easier for me to deal with shit

  • korqatt

    hate this guy and his music. his videos are still fun to watch sometimes, though.