Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road Out Of Hell (Official Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing Long Hard Road Out Of Hell. (C) 1999 Nothing/Interscope Records
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  • Kathrin Buchborn
    Kathrin Buchborn

    Ok you need me not. But true free all sides

  • Andrea Wilkins
    Andrea Wilkins

    And people actually think he's homophobic 😂

  • lenny koss
    lenny koss


  • LuccBuona

    Tem alguma alma putrida BR aqui? Em 2021? Mano, olha o onde a deprê da quarentena me trouxe!! Hahahaha

  • Hab ich nich.
    Hab ich nich.

    The girl from 1:24 to .. ~ I don't know.. looks like super sayan 3. XD

  • Odd Ventures One
    Odd Ventures One

    My favorite since Spawn 1997

  • Aubrey Crookshanks
    Aubrey Crookshanks

    Looks like a Marilyn mansion

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Sell my soul for anything but you

  • scott farkus
    scott farkus

    Milton would have been horrified to know that his writing would one day be used in such a fashion and by such a person as Marilyn. Come to think of it, Milton may have viewed it as the antithesis of his own work. ...A "Dreadful Comedy" if you will.

  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778


  • zoltán pajor
    zoltán pajor

    "I wanna live,i wanna love,bit it"s a long hard road..."



  • Meraya Ranney
    Meraya Ranney


  • єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM
    єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

    If Marilyn Manson wouldn't have displayed such provocative imagery... I get it. It's shock value but it made him a weirdo and made most of fans seem like a weirdo. His talent is way up there. The only person in comparison is Jonathan Davis and that's saying something.

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      Love Marilyn Manson and Jonathan Davis both 💜🖤💯🤟🏼🥁🎸 my two favorite Capricorns

  • Mufakkir Hussain
    Mufakkir Hussain

    he was way ahead of that time.

  • abigail Maniac
    abigail Maniac

    This is like peak of androgynous that I strive for but it's hard when your a girl.

  • Lacy Tastingx
    Lacy Tastingx

    I feel an egregore

  • Steve Mcduffee
    Steve Mcduffee

    Like to see him try and pull this off now into his 50s lol .

  • Michael Creese
    Michael Creese

    Favorite Manson of all time!

  • Maynard Adriano
    Maynard Adriano

    I've been searching for the name of the girl in this video since I was in high school, now I'm 38, can anyone tell me so I can say my life is fulfilled haha

  • Rocky Racoon
    Rocky Racoon


    • Simply Baran
      Simply Baran

      Exactly first place where I heard this song from

  • S Stewart
    S Stewart


  • Lisa Myers
    Lisa Myers

    The devils ? The nun with the tilted head ?

  • Lacy Gorman
    Lacy Gorman

    Hiya a 🎁 for you...James has Intelligence you WILL be interested in. Sent over the past few days. How's married life treating you? Good, I hope. Go look at Pure Music Factory. They did some good work. Love em. My baby S.E.A.Ls and others are inside the subs list. Love you Az. Big 🤗! Lacy

  • Lucia Escobar
    Lucia Escobar

    The book is a good real. Dr.Bryan Warner is a complex entertaining artist that produces art and good quality american art and music. He's inteligent and fuckin' creative af. Lo Love his craft.

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      Same bro Manson 4 ever 💜🖤💯🎸🤟🏼🥁

  • Rigo Martinez
    Rigo Martinez

    The ship for music like this has sailed - you will never see anything like this in large scale anymore due to the new political correctness / cancel culture regime terminally infecting everything around us.

  • heaventree ofstars
    heaventree ofstars

    Does anybody know how to turn off those mini-screens that appear toward the end of the video? I want to watch videos right to the end and I hate it when those mini screens block the view!

  • Vandam Bautista
    Vandam Bautista

    Crowley Anton LaVey Manson

  • Jenn S
    Jenn S

    One of my favorite videos and songs

  • Tie D4L
    Tie D4L

    The video didn't really make any sense to me. But it was a great song.

  • Fanny Lucero Martínez Hernández
    Fanny Lucero Martínez Hernández

    Grande Manson.

  • Airika Sneve
    Airika Sneve


  • Mr Danger
    Mr Danger

    ..and kinda scary

  • Mr Danger
    Mr Danger

    not only this is a big piece of solid industrial rock&metal but also this video is kinda brilliant

  • Mr Danger
    Mr Danger

    It's easier to turn to porn when mama comes to your room - someone once said...ha, ha

  • martinpotcf123

    I dont trust people that dont understand Marilyn Manson.

  • elena barker
    elena barker

    Thank you for existing thank you mister!

  • possums

    Legend says if you watch this, you get gender dysphoria.

  • James Barker
    James Barker

    I love this music video of marilyn mansons one of my favourite of his 🖤🖤❤️❤️💋💋

  • Harley Rider
    Harley Rider

    There are no roads out of Hell. There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun. Hell is a real place of eternal torment where the worm does not die nor is the fire quenched. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved.

    • Max Rios
      Max Rios

      what is ur purpose in coming here and writing that? like you came here what did u expect. you coming here just means ur love for jesus aint that real



  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music

    Gets better and better

  • GeneralBignel

    Can see where the inspiration for night elves came from.

  • пушистый мох
    пушистый мох

    Так и хочется перекрестится

  • Mariah Castillo
    Mariah Castillo

    Forever Energy

  • Anonymous Incarnate
    Anonymous Incarnate

    This song motivated me to keep fighting to escape my shit conditions as a teenager. "Long hard road out of hell"

  • Shashi chamane
    Shashi chamane

    Weirdness bring life's as smileys on anyone the Antichrist Superstars tells muc more than truth itself...but nowadays we don't heard him like in the 2000th century koz his e real LEGENGADO Man That You Fear though...

  • da ni
    da ni

    It really is

  • DrGarlandButcher GreenMuriettluver
    DrGarlandButcher GreenMuriettluver

    SPAWN soundtrack violator crown ogh here is my bby marr hell come to daddy jokes people time sex violence porno long time road out of hell ANTICHRIST KNOW UNTIL END TIMESMANSON VIRUS HATE VIRUS SEX HATE GREETINGS CVD F CORONAHEFFVIRUS hae that song hahhaahhii marry sweat child daughter hell mother antijesus eat bible xoxo

    • El Espermatozoide
      El Espermatozoide

      Are you high or something?

  • Wild Boy
    Wild Boy

    This was my life in 1996! I still love it! I used to watch this and never quite understood the concept but loved it all the same! MM will always be my hero!

  • invincible


  • invincible

    Love so much this MAN

  • Barbara Dellamore
    Barbara Dellamore


  • Daniel Alejandro Barbosa Ramirez
    Daniel Alejandro Barbosa Ramirez


  • Jo Lawless
    Jo Lawless

    Still love this video after all these years

  • alo93533

    Who else is here because of the Spawn movie?? Smh cant believe I’m extremely late.

  • Tara

    the imagery is beyond ! so interesting to look at .. Love you Manson!

    • Deedle The Dog
      Deedle The Dog

      We're on the same playlist tonight 😉

  • Donut

    este hombre tiene el pelo mejor que el mio :')

    • El Espermatozoide
      El Espermatozoide

      lol XD

  • Nicolás Ignacio Insaurralde Guerrero
    Nicolás Ignacio Insaurralde Guerrero

    He is the prototipe of the perfect weirdo. The misunderstood of metal. No one can ever reach that, but there are lots of weirdos, too

  • DakuWolf

    I desperately miss old manson :'(

  • Mathias Flores
    Mathias Flores

    As a kid didn't know was so weird not much of a fan now tho , I remember as a kid a friend saw a mm cd on the ground said omg ur a freak didn't get it

  • Randall Hunt
    Randall Hunt

    Guy is a total fucking genius gotta give him that!

  • Mitchel Pintor
    Mitchel Pintor

    Heterosexuality was never an option

  • Tyree Davis
    Tyree Davis

    I love u Manson!

  • Anita Arvella Poteet
    Anita Arvella Poteet

    Always love my brother!

  • Anita Arvella Poteet
    Anita Arvella Poteet

    Production team did a great job...

  • Just An Oak Tree Pic
    Just An Oak Tree Pic

    When Jimmy Saville was young. Lol

  • Anto G
    Anto G


    • El Espermatozoide
      El Espermatozoide

      Los antiguos vídeos de manson siempre se me hicieron artísticos y adictivos.

  • soueuwil, WILIAN.
    soueuwil, WILIAN.

    feat Mulher Pepita

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key

    Marilyn's hot androgynous satanic sister!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Madison Woods
    Madison Woods

    What a beautiful human being he is😌❤️my dad loved his songs so I use to to listen to him growing up, he gives me the confidence to be happy with who I am❤️

  • Jeremy Bourhis
    Jeremy Bourhis

    Can't wait to go to hell and see this legend !

  • James Raio
    James Raio

    I just watched spawn

  • Mar Rominian
    Mar Rominian

    He's so sexy

  • 나의 사랑은비상각자산이야!
    나의 사랑은비상각자산이야!

    오랜만에 보는데 1분 50초부터는 리얼 지금 봐도 어마어마하구만 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • John The Unknown
    John The Unknown

    greatest song of our times, whether you like it or not :)

  • Aurius Star
    Aurius Star

    always beautiful

  • onemnagol

    Man, I fucking love your music work. But about the other things, you know, the abuse and shit. Don't. 🖤

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      Not proven

  • Mark Shealy
    Mark Shealy

    I can't believe this guy would be in be in a toxic relationship.

    • Mark Shealy
      Mark Shealy

      @Gray 12 yea, that was tongue in cheek, haha

    • Gray 12
      Gray 12

      I think all of us will or have went through a toxic relationship.

  • Андрей Богатырев
    Андрей Богатырев

    Omg its a trap

  • dd concepcion
    dd concepcion

    Listen to the spawn ost. It's a trip of mind rape on acid. Sorry you dont know acid so just keep watching tiktok and eating instant ramen billions of people on the planet

  • Aldo Benitez
    Aldo Benitez

    awesome track and video

  • mr germannutt
    mr germannutt

    This is a holy place , all are welcomed here

  • Reneé Hernández
    Reneé Hernández

    He is so beautiful!!

  • FoodAthlete Art
    FoodAthlete Art


  • Dale Shelden
    Dale Shelden

    He did what you are afraid to do and that is to be yourself.

    • Sapphiresenthiss

      Damn right here.

  • Dale Shelden
    Dale Shelden

    He is not weird just original

  • V. L.
    V. L.

    Awwwweee. It reminds me of the moment I came home from school and I found my ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR cassette tape all over my bed. You know what happened?? My mom just gave me more reasons to love this man and I still do.

  • Jeremy Seymour
    Jeremy Seymour

    Love it

  • Drink Your Nail Polish
    Drink Your Nail Polish

    The good ol days when Satanists actually looked badass. Now they're wearing body glitter and giving the devil a lapdance like a buncha pussies.

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    vimpiristha di miherda, udurava hu drrakulla utariu

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    utariu adurava hu kuringha

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    utariu ittashi num kai ni çeu guinjutisu dimuniaku numca

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    mircigão dhá ruskinha keimadha

  • Raimundo Benicio
    Raimundo Benicio

    aduradhor dhu bitman

  • lorry p
    lorry p


  • Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
    Alexis Yoko [Alexander]

    Beautiful song, beautiful Manson ❤❤ #wesupportmarilynmanson

  • Ruben Pizano
    Ruben Pizano

    This is my favorite video of all time! Just the way he portraits 🖤🌈🖤🌈

  • Douglas Riley
    Douglas Riley

    Still love this thing. Period

  • alex

    omg why is this my aesthetic rn.