Marilyn Manson - Tattooed In Reverse (Music Video)
"Tattooed In Reverse" is from the Marilyn Manson album "Heaven Upside Down"
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing Tattooed In Reverse. © 2017 Marilyn Manson, Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.

  • Lucy Blog
    Lucy Blog

    since the first song i loved him its been 10 years for me he is THE ARTIST !!!

  • Shellie Agnew
    Shellie Agnew

    When's he coming back to oz

  • Kimberly Compardo
    Kimberly Compardo

    I love this album. Has an nice alternative rock feel to it 😀

  • jemina Aguilar
    jemina Aguilar

    i miss him

  • Amber Likely
    Amber Likely

    I don't care what bullshit the media is spewing about him right now. I'm sure he's used to the media ridiculing him by now. I have always and will always love MM. And nothing will ever change that for me. Like if you agree!

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      Yessss! And Ashley Morgan's injury pics are FAKE!

  • Samantha Justus
    Samantha Justus

    I'm 50 and been rocking with his music from the beginning.

  • Justine Henricks
    Justine Henricks

    Just yes to this song 😆

  • Soral & Lunar Kim
    Soral & Lunar Kim

    i wonder his eyesight

  • LUIS Diego
    LUIS Diego

    Fan since I was 11, Im 27 now and still love his music 😎🤘🏽🎧

  • Włodzimierz Ratajczak
    Włodzimierz Ratajczak

    M M polecam

  • wattidew GXD
    wattidew GXD

    Si eres niño porque lo vez?

  • Justin Tremmel
    Justin Tremmel

    Excelent vid.

  • Jc Pilot
    Jc Pilot

    He is fkn him

  • MsSchwarzerrabe


  • gregory giakoumidis
    gregory giakoumidis

    i fucking love this song thank you manson!



  • Sho

    This Is Exactly The Way I Start Out My Convos With People...Daily... "So Fuck Your __________." Fill In The Blank. ☝🏻 #YoureWelcome😜

  • L

    You have a way of capturing my nightmare and daymare!!

  • Shay Mary
    Shay Mary

    The sexy scenes tho... U know, I'm trying2 save my ovaries here, MM, if u don't mind?!? 😂😜🤣😛🙃😋😝

    • Shay Mary
      Shay Mary

      @Matt Gould oh, the pun! But YESSS!! 😂

    • Matt Gould
      Matt Gould

      Ovaries are overrated. Ovary-rated?

  • bo25 hd
    bo25 hd

    Its not music sonds like shit from my dog

    • Matt Gould
      Matt Gould

      Your dog is more talented than you are, and probably smarter too, Stinky McGee.

  • Sadra k13
    Sadra k13

    I dont know why does he kill animals in his concerts

    • Steven Spears
      Steven Spears

      He has NEVER killed any animal during a concert. EVER!

  • Ana Klindo
    Ana Klindo

    We still love you Manson 💋

  • Melissa Phillips
    Melissa Phillips

    I see next tatt

  • VoKimHop's 1984
    VoKimHop's 1984

    Nghèo mà chơi từ gì ghê dị cha !

    • Tom


  • C ceverythinginredc
    C ceverythinginredc

    This is wonderful.. I love this. ;)

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose


  • thebluezombi

    and the Devil is there with a smile on his .... and all are happy ...

  • Nicole Kress
    Nicole Kress

    I cant hekp t thhi shht gets me off!!!!!

  • Clint williamson
    Clint williamson

    Put it on your skin....

  • katherine robbins
    katherine robbins

    This ain't my shot of tears, but I'll take it

  • katherine robbins
    katherine robbins

    I wish I could do my eyeliner like that

  • Kimberly Marie Opiña Amara
    Kimberly Marie Opiña Amara

    Why does this sound like Sail by Awolnation to me?

  • Fhi Bdj
    Fhi Bdj

    So many obvious satanic signs hes spreading it so good yall can’t even care

    • Fhi Bdj
      Fhi Bdj

      @Tr4ktion Official yea of course everything is just only a video for music hihi xd lol 🤪 . If you still don’t know in 2021 what’s happening do some researches for one minute before saying some dumb stuff you dont even realize how much its real

    • Tr4ktion Official
      Tr4ktion Official

      It's called visual art and people think it's satanic wow lmao

  • Katherine Melton
    Katherine Melton

    our king out here highlighting BLM before it was a twitter hashtag. now he's yet again being considered a shitty person. /sigh

  • Lucas Little
    Lucas Little

    Now there some beats !

  • Tyren Pass
    Tyren Pass

    I think you will reoffer MM back his contract with Loma Vista. And apologize.

    • Tyren Pass
      Tyren Pass

      Honestly, it is no one's business to judge either B or R, especially about the past. It is important for both of them to have a voice, and for the people of this world to reserve the majority of judgment for their own selves, to get some actual solution oriented work done. Their truths are theirs, no right or wrong. They are both human. What the hell does any of that have to do with either of their current careers? Fucking weirdness. Just sayin.

  • Stella Cadente
    Stella Cadente

    I love evry Manson song from 2010 😍

    • Stella Cadente
      Stella Cadente

      @Robert Williams i know but i like evry song of Him when i start listen him😉 in 2010

    • Robert Williams
      Robert Williams

      This was from 2017

  • Teresa Dianne Shadden
    Teresa Dianne Shadden

    Call the paramedics for Mr. Manson and Mr. Depp!!!! 🏴‍☠️💤😴

  • Teresa Dianne Shadden
    Teresa Dianne Shadden

    Fuck your bible and your babble!!!!

  • Teresa Dianne Shadden
    Teresa Dianne Shadden

    #WOW 😘

  • Saeva Gory
    Saeva Gory

    Anyone turkey?

  • lorry p
    lorry p


  • Sexy Hobi
    Sexy Hobi

    3:36 que ganas de ser la que está ahí 🥵🔥

  • Dre Ski
    Dre Ski

    I love a lot of music. I don't only write comments here. Send ur lawyers elsewhere

  • Dre Ski
    Dre Ski

    I love him, and I love a lot of music But I assure u.... Pay out by a dumb fucking bitch, who wished they were as artistic as merlin manson

  • Kaplya Nikotina
    Kaplya Nikotina

    No, thanks, I'm going to keep my appendix

  • Maria k
    Maria k


    • milopotatis

      Me too i guess

  • prodjorgeg

    fuck the king james bible i love bloody mary 🙄

  • prodjorgeg

    kendrick said zaywop gon get da album the house is on fire like rolling loud mane

  • Christian González
    Christian González


  • Andries Isak
    Andries Isak

    I am tattoo

  • Username Invalid
    Username Invalid

    Been a fan of Manson since day 1 but i dunno about this.

    • Robert Williams
      Robert Williams

      Different styles, all good

  • Conny Conny
    Conny Conny

    Die halten Marylin Manson zur Zeit für schlecht und böse in den Medien , aber ich sag euch was er ist nicht böse und schlecht sondern die Menschheit ist böse und schlecht

  • Alice and Sara Twins
    Alice and Sara Twins

    #istandwithmanson 🥺🥺❤❤

  • Mark Tweedy
    Mark Tweedy

    hay tall person I'm fake dexatrim and I'm on to you

  • Zahrina Duke
    Zahrina Duke

    Schizophrenics revenge

  • Lucia Grela
    Lucia Grela

    Aún que quiera dormir no lo consigo 😴

  • Lucia Grela
    Lucia Grela

    Yo trato de dormir y no lo consigo

  • Dre Ski
    Dre Ski

    And so it begins

  • Daniels. Siver
    Daniels. Siver

    God doesn't want everyone to be "stagnant" just know your love God and keep him in your heart and you don't always have to be a overly indulgening in the fantasy live in the life other words God speaks with you they were created with God and Humanity is cool as Shit just don't walk around with a stick up our A**, right use your God given imagination but go home to raise your family with GOD!

  • Antichrist Superstar
    Antichrist Superstar

    Soon 3 years

    • YourClassicWeedChannel 420
      YourClassicWeedChannel 420

      Yeah sometime today

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music

    Wen I was a child in the hospital they didn't knock me out enough,I remember a green cloth over my face no pain but blood blood blood lots of blood I'm now 55 it's still new in my head

  • Y1U9K7I6

    That. Is the sexiest thing alive!

  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    Job 20:18

    • Dena Mitchell
      Dena Mitchell

      Why do I always flip to the bottomless pit when this song ends?

    • Dena Mitchell
      Dena Mitchell

      Your welcome to come screw with my Bible study and babble in my Holy Spirit who calls bull 💩 on you being the devil. I met Jesus and he happens to appreciate your genius. Stay in reverse apparently it works in circles to answer all the concerned citizens about today's current issues.

  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    Jonah 1:12. God does favors by throwing you off board into independence. We have to remember that gifts are often disguise as run, run, run.

  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    Romans 3:25. See you are constantly forgiven. You can't declaration without first knowledge of experience.

  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    Romans 2:16 KJV. My Bible agrees with you on screw their babbling, its fun to make people dance like a stick, string puppet watching its nose grow.

  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    Nehemiah 13:13. Nice numbers.

  • Dena Mitchell
    Dena Mitchell

    I told a jehovah witness his Bible wasn't mine when he told me that I was going to hell.

    • Dena Mitchell
      Dena Mitchell

      My Bible loves Marilyn Manson.

  • teethsuicide


  • Sandra Davis
    Sandra Davis

    Live aid

  • arsalan rozegar
    arsalan rozegar


  • Kim snyder
    Kim snyder


  • Kim snyder
    Kim snyder

    I have been a Manson fan since day 1 I am 56 years old... I fucking love him

  • Aracelli Martins da silva
    Aracelli Martins da silva

    2:44 this part is so rihanna in umbrella

  • Aurius Star
    Aurius Star

    I wanted you to know about my existence before I killed myself

  • Dom Cisco
    Dom Cisco

    Everything Zen I don't think so

  • Jessica Charnley
    Jessica Charnley

    love of my life forever and always

  • rose black
    rose black

    So fuck your Bible and your Babel Make a psalm into my dirty bomb So dance, motherfucker, dance Racing through red lights I'm unstable, I'm not a show horse I can't be bridled, of course I'm outstanding, I'm unregretted I got tattooed in reverse Whoa, in reverse You can't play this game and host all the pieces Hold your breath and just wait Someone else will pay for your sins Not convinced by the cast to the same My goddamned puppeteers Whoa! Whoa! I'm unstable, I'm not a show horse I can't be bridled, of course I'm outstanding, unregretted I got tattooed in reverse Whoa, got tattooed in reverse Whoa, in reverse Your confession means nothing So fuck your attrition There ain't nothing in my hourglass Just sands from the Dead Sea And I'm aiming my weapon And I'm aiming my weapon Your confession means nothing So fuck your attrition There ain't nothing in my hourglass Just sands from the Dead Sea And I'm aiming my weapon fuck your Bible and your Babel Make a psalm into my dirty bomb So dance, motherfucker, dance Racing through red lights So fuck your Bible and your Babel Make a psalm into my dirty bomb So dance, motherfucker, dance Racing through red lights I'm unstable, I'm not a show horse I can't be bridled, of course I'm outstanding, I'm unregretted I got tattooed in reverse I got tattooed in reverse

  • Melissa Phillips
    Melissa Phillips


  • Alexander G
    Alexander G

    Manson has succumbed to the end of all celebrities. The celebritarianism he sang about.

  • Destanie Dillard
    Destanie Dillard


  • Langa

    And now, it's not even Christians that want him gone.

  • Dre Ski
    Dre Ski

    Ok so the pervert is innocent. I assure u

  • Dre Ski
    Dre Ski

    This man is innocent. 😈🤙😳❤️

  • Jeff Billings
    Jeff Billings

    I've got upside down reverse Cross tattooed at 18 lol

  • Lucia Grela
    Lucia Grela


  • Die Wiese
    Die Wiese

    Hello Mr Manson. If the allegations against you are true, please make an apology and get yourself professional help. If not please kindly sue Ms Woods, publish an aggressive album and get over it. Impatiently.

    • Die Wiese
      Die Wiese

      @Aisha A What are you implying?

    • Aisha A
      Aisha A

      He won't and he will fucking regret it ...

  • Said Ebrahim zadih
    Said Ebrahim zadih

    ترکیبی از شاهین نجفی و تتلو ایرانه😂

  • Blunt

    I would love to see a Marylin Manson and Skitz Kraven would be the most brutal thing on BGfix discounting deathcore.

  • mom d
    mom d

    He said fuck fkin bible

  • S.K.S. Barbie
    S.K.S. Barbie

    *There ain't nothing in my hourglass, just sands from the dead sea and I made it my weapon* #IstandwithMarilynManson

    • S.K.S. Barbie
      S.K.S. Barbie

      @Aisha A I'm allowed to stand with whomever the fuck i want

    • Aisha A
      Aisha A

      And you are stupid for it

  • Project F02
    Project F02

    The chick in the video at 1st it was the stripper chick from the rammstein video engle

  • Sara Grooms
    Sara Grooms

    My heart is broken.

    • NightFox

      Have you not read his book? Are you unaware of the lies the media spread about him in the 90s?

    • Unknown 000
      Unknown 000

      Don’t fall for Evans trap

  • Kaplya Nikotina
    Kaplya Nikotina

    Do You see Courtney in this video?

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S

    You know... I've been a fan since I very first heard you at 11 years old. I'm 35 now. Things just aren't the same. I just really wish artists would stop bashing God and/or the Bible. Like I can't listen to half of Manson's stuff anymore and that makes me kinda sad. 😔💔

    • Madam Blueberry
      Madam Blueberry

      It's not as if the christianhood has nothing to atone for either. Literally every denomination in christianity protects their pedophiles. If anything, people have become desensitized of the criticisms and the pressure hasn't been the same. Speaking also as a faithful but none religious person. It's fucking disgusting that you think that the shock value was for clout. He used to do it so people wake the fuck up and not treat this institutions as irreproachable. So, if you're tired of it, maybe you should do something.

    • Amanda S
      Amanda S

      @NightFox A real Christian doesn't sit there and talk shit or spread lies. I've met a fee people that called themselves Christian and were total assholes. That's not the way to be. We're supposed to love one another. And trust me... I was always the oddball at church. A lot of people went out of their way to not talk to me. I don't care. I wasn't there for them. But anyway, you're right. I know people have always picked at him and it's always been annoying.

    • NightFox

      Maybe if religious people stopped attacking him he'd stop attacking them. You do realize they've never stopped spreading sick lies about him since the 90s? They're now also after Tom Hanks, Seth Green and many others.

  • Jason Coker
    Jason Coker


  • Forcing Climate info
    Forcing Climate info

    😎Pacific ocean in reverse 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabby's Crafty Witch Life
    Gabby's Crafty Witch Life

    Innocent until proven guilty. Ever heard that saying all you AssWipes that are already convicting him?

    • Aisha A
      Aisha A

      Hahaha keep dreaming

    • Gabby's Crafty Witch Life
      Gabby's Crafty Witch Life

      @Anna Whitesell I’m right there with you 👍

    • Anna Whitesell
      Anna Whitesell

      Until such time there is irrefutable evidence in a court of law of his guilt, he us innocent in my book. #IStandWithJohnnyDepp#IStandWithMarilynManson.

    • Gabby's Crafty Witch Life
      Gabby's Crafty Witch Life

      @Die Wiese I so agree. 🌝👍

    • Die Wiese
      Die Wiese

      @Gabby's Crafty Witch Life Why should I judge? I have not been there to know what really happened. Up to now I see an actress making heavy online accusations against a musician years after their relationship and a musician opposing the actress`view locking himself in his home for self-protection. There is no need to become contentious about it.

  • Crimson EnKlover
    Crimson EnKlover


    • Unknown 000
      Unknown 000

      Fuck. Off